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Issa: It's Hillary's Fault-Benghazi

Thrillery Clinton

In an interview with Ginni Thomas of the Daily Caller, Darrell Issa laid the blame for what happened in Benghazi on Hillary Clinton's doorstep.

“The investigation really is now not about what we know, but about how we can prevent abuse of security before the fact, how we respond during the fact, and how we hold people accountable after the fact for deliberate misinformation — if you want to be kind, outright lies, if not," Issa was quoted as saying.

According to Issa, Clinton choose the path of "normalization" in order to make it appear that the US was winning the war on terror. That put her at odds with the Defense Department and that during Clinton's tenure a rift developed between the State Department and the Department of Defense.

He further credits Hillary's desire not to get the military involved is what prevented the compound from receiving aid from the DOD that night.

“We know from Hillary Clinton on down there was a policy of normalization to make it appear as though we had won the war on terror. I was in Libya just the other day, and one thing that I came back with was a strong opinion that that ‘stand down’ had everything to do with the fight between Department of State headed Hillary Clinton and the Defense Department, and that ultimately, State was willing to put their assets in, and did not want any military assets in, because they did not want to escalate what ultimately should have been escalated to a real rescue mission.”

Issa also assailed Clinton as to her part in the response to the act and he was less than impressed by her testimony.

“Secretary Clinton famously said, ‘What difference does it make?’ It makes a difference whether or not you were leading an organization that cared about the people beforehand, did everything it could during the attack, and whether you told the truth afterwards. [I]n this case, she fails all three tests.”

Issa, (R-CA) is the chairman of the House oversight committee, which is investigating the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

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