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Israel: Going for the jugular

If you listen to Israel's leaders and spokespersons, their tone is empathetic, compassionate, but direct. They want to show restraint toward inflicting unnecessary harm against Gaza civilians, and yet they are direct in their intention to eliminate Hamas as a source of terrorist opposition. Gazan citizens have a choice and that is to seek peace with Israel through moderation or align with terrorists. Aligning with terrorists is on a path to annihilation since Hamas has been and remains committed to undermining the nation of Israel. The free world must take sides in this conflict because the choices are:

Meeting with Hamas leaders
Photo by PPO/Getty Images

1. Terrorists
2. Free world ally

There truly isn’t any choice.

A report from The Guardian underscores that Israel is targeting Hamas leaders. That is intended to undermine the viability of the organization just as the U.S. eliminated Osama bin Laden. There most certainly will be collateral damage in all of this. That is why Israel is labeling their actions as being “limited ground operations”.

For Israel, decisions about how to respond to Hamas rockets are difficult. Now, there is another point of view. Assume that you are an Arab living in Gaza behind a wall. Your life is constrained because some members of your community are terrorists committed to eliminating Israel. Others just want to eek out a peaceful existence. When Israelis commit acts of violence and develop lands that Arabs believe are their property, that leads to resentment. Here is a story by Mnar Muhawesh that illustrates how an independent journalist tries to balance her viewpoint. She lived on the Arab side.

“What The Media’s Getting Wrong About Israel And Palestine — And Why It Matters

MintPress founder and editor-in-chief, Mnar Muhawesh, discusses the profound personal effects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

By Mnar Muhawesh @mnarmuh | July 10, 2014

From 2000 to 2007, about 1,000 Israelis have been killed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and nearly 6,000 Palestinians have been killed. Since the recent assault on Gaza under Operation Protective Edge, over 80 Palestinians have been killed, including 22 children and 13 women, plus 469 wounded including 166 children and 85 women, and over 75 houses destroyed — those numbers continue to rise. Hamas’ rockets firing into Israel have killed zero Israeli civilians since the cross fire began last week.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Information’s latest report on civilian casualties, one Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every three days for the last 13 years.

As an American who has lived in Jerusalem, I struggle between the want to share what I feel is the vast media cover-up of the Israeli-led violence and the want to stand up and say, “enough.” Both messages echo truths, from those trapped within the violence to those silenced for reporting the violent assault.

All rocket fire should be condemned, whether it be by Hamas or Israel, that much I know is true.

The deaths of Israeli teens Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah represent a tragedy- one that no family should have to face. Violence touches communities deeply and does not spare race, creed or intellect. What I grapple with, is the reaction to their deaths — Israeli lawmakers calling for a genocide and vengeance against Arabs, the torture and murder of 17-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdair by Israeli settlers, Israeli settlers’ continued kidnapping and abuse of Palestinian children, and now the Israeli military operation and violent assault against Gaza that is collectively punishing 1.7 million people who are already living in poverty. Gaza has been described by human rights groups as an open air prison with no where to escape. It has to end.

This massacre will only continue to bring pain and suffering to a conflict that has taught both Israeli and Palestinian youth that a roadmap for peace has been shattered.

As I watch the media play headline games and act as a lapdog to a U.S. ally, it takes me back to the year 2001, when I returned to the U.S. after living in Jerusalem for about four years.”

Addressing Mnar Muhawesh, the only path available to ending the conflict is for peace-seeking Gazans to join with Israelis to become a part of a united Israelis nation. Here is why.

  1. There is no viable alternative
  2. The present conditions are unsustainable
  3. The way forward cannot be through terrorism and violence
  4. Arabs must try a peaceful path and reject violence
  5. Doing that, Gazans will attract enormous support

Still, there is a huge barrier to the way forward. The population in the region is too great as it outstrips natural resources to sustain it. Determining what to do to manage the population is an essential part of the solution. That will require government policies that may be in conflict with peoples religious beliefs. Separating religion from politics will be a challenge and a struggle for all concerned in the way forward.

“Israeli air strikes target Hamas leaders as ceasefire fails

Netanyahu's security cabinet discusses limited ground operation in Gaza as more Palestinians killed in overnight attacks

Israeli missiles struck the houses of several senior Hamas figures overnight, as at least seven Palestinians were reportedly killed in the latest escalation of violence.The renewed strikes came a day after the failure of a brief and one-sided ceasefire on Tuesday observed by Israel, but not by Hamas.

Among the residences targeted were those of former interior minister Fathi Hamad and senior Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar, which was destroyed. Zahar was said to be hiding elsewhere at the time of the missile strike.”

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