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Islamic Radicals On The Move

Islamic Radicals On The Move
Islamic Radicals On The Move
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

In Nigeria we have seen Boko Haram kidnapping young girls and holding them captive. They have entered villages under the guise as being Nigerian soldiers and slaughtered the entire village. They talk of exchanging the hostages for captured rebels but they never follow through. Their word fits their need when the mood hits them. The problem is the Nigerian government has done little to stop Boko Haram and even with the help being offered by other countries we are still where we were three months ago, no where.

Isis is the Iraqi equivalent of Nigeria's Boko Haram and they seem to be far worse. The Islamists in Iraq started in the north and have taken over cities like Tikrit, Mosul and Fallujah Their ultimate goal is to take Baghdad. Along the way they simply pick up government equipment that the fleeing Iraqi soldiers are leaving behind. When captured the rebels will kill torture and have behead soldiers simply for the pure joy of doing.

These groups initially a part of Al-Qaeda but are so extreme that even Al-Qaeda doesn't want much to do with them. Their ultimate goal is to have a strict Islamic state. They simply want to enslave the local population and have few western ties to the area.

The governments of both these countries are not capable of stopping either one of these groups. They are quick when they are on the offensive. As the United States has stated the only way to stop them would be to send in ground troops. Unfortunately no one is willing to this. The United States have sent advisers to Nigeria and an Air Craft Carrier into the Persian Gulf. This is not going to be enough to stop this slaughter. Leaders of outside nations want local governments to combat these rebels but both Nigeria and Iraq are not willing to do so. They both have begged for outside help but no troops will be sent in.

Islamists are sure to gather more steam and sooner or later will set their sights on the United States. A second 9/11 could very well be in their bucket list of activities. Only time will tell.