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ISIS jihadists tell Iraqi families to turn over daughters for sex

Terrorists from the powerful Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a group originally called al-Qaida in Iraq (AQII), are allegedly ordering families in Iraq to give them their daughters for sexual intercourse. They've told the frightened parents these girls and young women must have sex with the jihadists so that they will be cleansed by Allah, according to Middle East news outlets.

The ISIS jihadists have reportedly raped and murdered Iraqi women during their terrorist rampage.
Getty Images/Al Jazeera

The Islamic terrorists who have captured Iraqi cities and towns such as Mosul and Tikrit alleged said that these young women and female children -- virgins and non-virgins alike -- must join the jihad (Holy war), but first they must be cleansed through their sleeping with the ISIS terrorists.

This latest outrage is a result of a fatwa declared by a radical Islamic cleric who gave jihadists the authority to rape women in Syria and now Iraq.

According to reports, ISIS also demands a special tax from Christians in Iraq or suffer drastic consequences. In a case described by Assyrian International News Agency, ISIS jihadists raped a mother and her daughter while their husbands were forced to watch.

The terrorists, who are Sunnis, allegedly warned Iraq's Shi'ite Muslims and Christians that those who refused to abide by the fatwa were violating the will of Allah and will be tortured and executed.

Meanwhile, ISIS fighters continued their campaign to seize key towns near Baghdad and took control of three out of four border crossings to Syria. However, about 1.5 million civilians have volunteered to help fight against ISIS following Iraq's religious and political leaders calling on the people to fight for their freedom from religious oppression. The volunteers come from all classes and occupations including retired police officers.

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