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Is Planet X's twisting magnetic dance causing airplanes to drop from the skies?

Is the lashing tail of Planet X (Nibiru) causing planes to drop from the skies?-slide0
Air Algerie

No ifs, no ands, no buts. As predicted, planes, and helicopters, are dropping from the skies like flies as the Pole Shift approaches.

San Diego, California, plane crash in parking lot
LA paper
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Many years ago, the Zetas of ZetaTalk predicted, that as Planet X (Nibiru) moved past Earth doing its little twisting and turning magnetic dance, airplane guidance systems would fail. They also said that electromagnetic disruptions of electronic equipment would plague Planet Earth as the time of the Pole Shift approached. And so they are.

Frequent electromagnetic disruptions are causing all kinds of electrical systems to falter and fail.

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Remember back in June of this year when 13 aircraft suddenly vanished from an air traffic controllers' screen for about 25 minutes on two occasions over Austria and neighboring countries. Austria's flight safety monitor called the incident “unprecedented.” Air traffic control in neighboring regions of Germany and the Czech Republic reported similar problems.

Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

And in April, some sort of "malfunction" at the radar center in Palmdale forced a ground stop (planes were grounded) at a number of airports in Southern California and the southwest, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In fact, two flights from San Francisco International headed to Southern California were forced to return to the airport and Mineta San Jose International received a number of flights diverted from LAX.

What do you suppose caused those "unprecedented" radar problems?

Per the Zetas, Planet X (Nibiru) is a massive magnetic planet that is currently pointing its magnetic North Pole and its vast charged tail, not only toward the Earth but also at times wrapping around Earth. And, as it does so, satellite-directed cockpit GPS (and compasses) become increasingly unreliable due to the constant push on Earth by Planet X (Nibiru). They say small planes in particular lack the ability to recover from the electromagnetic surges.

So what happens when a plane's electrical systems falter and its engine quits?

Down and down it goes, totally out of control. And so we have a rash of crashing planes--into parking lots, on highways, and sadly into people walking on beaches.

A sampling of airplane and helicopter crashes in July:

  • Alabama July 31 – A small plane crashed on a Helena highway on Thursday afternoon when its engine quit. The Piper PA-32 was carrying the Smith family and their son’s girlfriend, who were returning from vacation. The plane left Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City and was on its way to Dickson Municipal Airport in Tennessee when the engine quit. An eyewitness says the plane was completely engulfed in flames.
  • Wisconsin Jul 31 – A small plane crashed in a ball of fire on runway in Oshkosh killing the 74-year-old pilot and seriously injuring his passenger Thursday morning. The pilot was trying to land on Wittman Airport’s North-South runway when the plane bounced and then crashed among a row of trucks. The plane was a small, open aircraft known as a Breezy.
  • California Jul 30 – A small plane crashed in a San Diego parking lot on Wednesday. The single-engine 1988 Mooney M-20L airplane crashed and caught fire in a parking lot that serves Costco and Target. It spun around and ended up in the parking lot in a loading dock area away from the main entrances. The woman pilot was injured and her 80-year-old mother was killed. The plane clipped the top of Target and knocked down a light pole before crashing.
  • Florida Jul 27 – Pilot Karl Kokomoor made an emergency landing on Sarasota beach killing two--Ommy Irizarry and his 9-year-old daughter, Oceana. His engine suddenly quit and he crash landed his single-prop plane on a strip of sand at Caspersen Beach on Sunday. It was only after he and his passenger stepped out unscathed from the downed plane that they saw the victims.
  • Nevada Jul 26 – A small plane landed on highway near Reno hitting truck on Sunday morning. The airplane lost power and crashed on a rural section of Route 445, striking a pickup truck. Two people were in the plane and two in the pickup truck when the collision occurred around 9 a.m. All four escaped with minor injuries. The plane, an experimental Thunder Mustang, crashed shortly after leaving Reno Stead Airport en route to South Dakota.
  • India Jul 26 – An Air Force helicopter crashed in Uttar Pradesh's Sitapur district killing all seven people on board. The routine sortie took off around 1553 and flew for about an hour before crashing. Just before the crash, the pilots reportedly contacted the Air Traffic Control in Lucknow, alerting it to a technical glitch. A May Day call from the captain indicated he was in control of the helicopter until the very last moment.
  • Africa Jul 24 – Air Algerie plane crashed after first going missing on Thursday. Air traffic control lost contact with the plane 50 minutes after takeoff. The crash site was in northern Mali. All of the 116 people onboard were killed.
  • Arizona Jul 17 – Two small planes were involved in separate crashes in northern Arizona on Sunday. The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said four died when one plane crashed near Sedona. The FAA said hikers in the Bear Mountain area reported the crash and a possible fire around 3 p.m. PDT. Later, authorities said another small plane crashed in northern Arizona's Mohave County near the Utah border, killing two people. That crash occurred about 6:30 p.m. PDT. The planes went down under unknown circumstances.
  • New Mexico Jul 17 – A Tri-state CareFlight helicopter took off from Santa Fe early Thursday morning and crashed and burned on a ranch near Tucumcari. The pilot and two medical personnel were killed when the helicopter crashed en route to pick up a patient. State Police contacted the ranch owner, and one of his employees searched the area and found the helicopter on rocky hillside, engulfed in flames. The CareFlight lost contact with the helicopter at 2:36 a.m. shortly after it left Santa Fe.
  • South Korea Jul 17 - A firefighting helicopter crashed in an urban area killing at least five people in Gwangju. The helicopter was carrying firefighters and rescue personnel in support of the Seoul ferry search mission. The charred remains of the helicopter could be seen on the street. It is unknown why the helicopter crashed in the central business district.
  • Cambodia Jul 14 – A $200 million Z-9 military helicopter crashed during a training exercise on the outskirts of Phnom Penh killing five. The chopper crashed in a pond in a swampy, partially excavated field, and sank into the muddy pond surrounded by rural land and rice fields.
  • Indiana Jul 11 – A small plane crashed after take-off hitting two houses, killing one and injuring at least three. The crash took place less than a mile from the Greenwood Municipal Airport at around 2:19 p.m. It hit one house, knocking down power lines, and then skidded through a backyard before coming to a rest next to another house. Two bystanders pulled the copilot from the wreckage before it burst into flames. The pilot died in the fire. No one in the houses was injured, but two people on the ground were injured, including one who was shocked by a downed power line.
  • Taiwan Jul 10 – A TransAsia turbo-prop plane crashed after a failed emergency landing attempt, killing 51. According to Taiwan officials, weather was not a factor and was suitable for flying. The plane crashed near the runway after a failed emergency landing attempt.
  • Mexico Jul 10 – A small Cessna aircraft crashed, killing 4 and injuring 2. The wreckage of the Cessna was discovered Thursday in Alto Lucero. Inside, rescuers found four bodies. The aircraft had been bound for the port city of Veracruz for a fishing contest.
  • Vietnam Jul 7 – A helicopter crashed and burned in the early morning in a residential area in Hanoi killing 16 and injuring many. There were 21 onboard. The chopper was a Russian-made M1-171 that was participating in parachuting exercises. Many on the helicopter were burned to death. A woman working in a paddy field saw the helicopter hovering overhead. She thought it strange that it kept flying around overhead. Then she heard an explosion and saw the helicopter crash down into the paddy fields. She said three people were burned after they jumped out of the helicopter after the explosion.
  • Poland Jul 5 – A plane carrying members of parachute club crashed and burned killing 11.Only one of the 12 people on board survived. The Piper Navajo light aircraft had just taken off from an airfield in Rudniki near Czestochowa. Witnesses said the plane's engines made an odd, droning sound before it began to fall from the sky. A witness, Robert Koziol, said it appeared some of the passengers had tried to jump from the twin-engine plane because there were open parachutes lying on the ground. Everything was on fire, even the ground. One person tried to get out of the plane but slid back inside.
  • Kenya Jul 2 – A cargo plane crashed into building in Nairobi killing 4. One person inside the building was injured. Cause of the crash is unknown.

Why are so many airplane engines stalling for "no apparent reason," especially so many in just the last few days? Many of these crashes involved pilots with hundreds if not thousands of hours of flight time logged. Could electromagnetic surges to blame, at least for some?

You be the judge of that. But expect to hear of a lot more small plane and large plane crashes in the coming days and weeks. Eyes on the skies. Be prepared.

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