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2014 Winter Olympics

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Is Olympic curling dangerous? Russian athlete falls on ice, slams head (video)

Olympic viewers all know that skiing down a steep hill or flying off a ski ramp is dangerous at the Winter Games. However, how many fans thought that Olympic curling is dangerous? Well, it definitely can be. The Russian athlete Andrey Drozdov proved that the ice is slick and dangerous. According to NBC Olympics on Thursday the face plant came when 7-6 victory over Switzerland Thursday morning.

Following the action, fans can see all the athletes working the ice to make the play and some how Drozdov loses his step and falls. His head slams into the ice and he looks dazed. Immediately members from both teams come to his assistance as everyone was thinking this would be the worst outcome.

The Russian athlete rebounds off the ice like it was no big deal. Grabbing his shoulder, he seems to shake off the hit and keep on playing. However when fans look at the replay it’s obvious this athlete hit his head and shoulder extremely hard.
Apparently playing on the ice isn’t as easy as it looks. No longer can any viewer just look at Olympic Curling and make a wisecrack about the risk involved. Andrey Drozdov showed the read risk to the fans watching on Thursday and it is not pretty!

Take a look at the video clip of Andrey Drozdov taking a dive on the ice at the Sochi Olympics.

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