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Is May really National Masturbation Month?



  • Dick 6 years ago

    Great information in this post!
    It's a shame there's so much shame in masturbation. Jane and I are observing Masturbation Month in a unique way and writing about our experience. As parents, we believe we have an important role to play because kids discover themselves long before they discover sex. The shame starts at home.

    - Dick of

  • Doug Archer 5 years ago

    Excellent information!
    If I could start over at age twenty, I would start masturbation, and not care what my parents may have thought. I came from a conservative, Methodist family. I couldn't discuss these issues at home because parents, particularly, my father, were very opinionated. What they said was right. Now I'm 63 years of age, I had to have prostate removed due to cancer. I can no longer perform sexually. I feel my manhood has been stolen. It's all because I didn't masturbate in my earlier years; the reason I developed cancer, or one of the reasons. I have been told, this is theory. I would give anything to get my prostate back. I miss it very much. So men, take care of yourselves, don't let conservative, Christian, Republican people tell you, otherwise. It's your body and penis. Enjoy it!!!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    there is no harm in and my wife,mutually do.ezch does his or her own thing.

  • Perry Brass 4 years ago

    This was a wonderful, serious piece about something that is often the cause for embarrassment. Masturbation is often maligned as a "gay" thing—in fact, the conflation of homosexuality and masturbation is constant. During the 1970s, I remember one member of the Black Panthers starting a speech with, "Homosexuals, masturbators, and white people!" In other words, every group he loathed was in that heading. This is sad—maturbation is universal; its problem with Judeo-Christianity goes back to the Bible's fears of sexual freedom. If people can be sexually free, then they'll also think for themselves—and who wanted that? Perry Brass, author of King of Angels, A Novel About the Genesis of Identity and Belief.

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