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Is Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, in danger? Russia sends troops to Ukraine

Valerie Lukyanova -  Barbie come to life; but is she dying from cult diet?
Valerie Lukyanova - Barbie come to life; but is she dying from cult diet?
Valerie Lukyanova

The Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, lives in Ukraine and always seems to post pictures of her body (and countryside background) on the Internet. With the recent conflict in the area, some fans are wondering if the celebrity is in danger. According to CNN on Saturday, the tension in Ukraine's Crimea region has significantly mounted and people are concerned there might be war ahead. Additional reports reflect that Russia has brought the Ukraine under their control.

So where does the Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, live in Ukraine? She lives in Odessa, is the third largest city in Ukraine, with a population of 1,003,705. The city is a major seaport and transportation hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. While the city isn’t directly involved with the political unrest of the country, it has been effected as even the upcoming Odessa Film Festival has been scaled back out of safety concerns.

Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukrainian woman, became an internet sensation when photos of her Barbie Doll looking body and face were posted online. Almost instantly known overnight, the star seemed to find millions of viewers, especially in the United States

According to Design &Trend on Friday, Valeria has adopted a diet of "cosmic micro-food." The Breatharianism diet is a cult idea that can result in death - sometimes in as little as two weeks. Valeria stated: "In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I'm hoping it's the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone." It sounds a bit ominous stated point blank like that. It leads one to believe there is little time left.

Now with concerns of her safety, everyone is hoping that the Human Barbie doesn’t find herself hurt in the middle of the conflict and unrest. Of course, we all know that the star will ask herself what would Barbie doll do before proceeding, but it is still a worry.

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