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Is Facebook old hat for your business?

Whch social media sites are best for your target market?
Whch social media sites are best for your target market?

At a meeting with an incoming executive director of a nonprofit organization, he said that Facebook was out-of-date and he wanted his org to be on whatever was the newest social media site.

Here is the problem with this objective:

His organization's main demographic target market is very unlikely at this time to be on whatever is the newest social media site.

This is because his particular target market probably does not have a huge component of early adopters.

In other words, while Facebook may be losing ground in certain demographics to newer sites such as Snapchat, Facebook may still be an effective site for connecting with your company's target market, depending on who that target market is.

Before you abandon your current social media sites for newer ones, take time to consider where are the people you want to reach. You just may discover that Facebook is not old hat for your business.

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