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IRS scandal deepens

Former IRS Counsel Jennifer O'Connor testifies before Congress today.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

As new disclosures were revealed today by top level managers in at least two federal agencies, one fact has become all too clear. The IRS scandal has vastly deepened, and more people were involved than Americans were previously led to believe. The scandal is so broad, in fact, that government employees who are not part of the scandal knew about it and are now apparently willing to come forward as whistleblowers.

The chief national archivist, David Ferriero of the National Archives and Records Administration, told Congress in sworn testimony today that the IRS had violated the law by failing to notify his agency that the IRS had lost a series of emails from Lois Lerner and various other government employees concerning the coordinated targeting of conservative groups for criminal prosecution, apparently to attempt to sway the 2012 presidential election. Only those emails that had to do directly with the targeting were "lost."

Ferriero told Congress that the IRS had violated the Federal Records Act when it failed to report to his agency that it had lost vital records and emails. He further stated that government agencies are required to report to the National Archives and Records Administration even if it suspects an unauthorized destruction of federal records. The IRS broke the law on both counts.

Once again this admission begs the question as to why ordinary Americans should take seriously their tax obligations and tell the truth on their tax forms when the very agency charged with the responsibility of policing taxation is so haphazard with the truth within its own house. If the IRS cannot or will not be honest, then why should citizens?

In another bombshell admission, the IRS confessed that it had used confidential information to attack Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential election. But this fact goes much deeper than merely releasing confidential information, a felony. The IRS sent the confidential information to collectivist groups who were working to defeat Romney and get Obama elected to a second term. This constitutes two more felonies committed by the IRS.

Former IRS Counsel Jennifer O'Connor also took her turn on the hot seat today as the House committee grilled her concerning her own failure to notify the appropriate persons that the Lerner emails had been lost. Her response? She stated merely that she did not have an answer.

So who, then, are all of these top level IRS officials protecting? There is evidence that it is not only Barack Obama but several top level Democrats in Congress, who helped the IRS to suppress the vote by moving forward with bogus and false charges of criminal activity on the part of the Tea Party, conservatives, pro-Israel groups, and religious organizations such as James Dobson and Billy Graham.

One can rest assured that many more people at the IRS and at other federal agencies know the whole truth about what actually happened. And they are waiting in the wings for the right time to talk, or, they are attempting to work out in their own minds the risks involved in whistleblowing, especially when sources have told the Examiner that these persons and their entire families have been threatened by those with a vested interest in making sure they stay silent.

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