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Iraqi terrorists execute their 14 kidnap victims

Fourteen Iraqi civilians who were kidnapped Thursday morning by suspected members of al-Qaeda in Iraq, a/k/a Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), were later in the day found dead in a wooded area outside of Baghdad, according to Moshe Ashar, a security and counterterrorism consultant for a number of police agencies.

A female Iraqi police officer takes aim at target during training session in Baghdad.
Police Times

According to witness accounts of the abduction given to Iraqi police investigators, the kidnappers wore army-style uniforms when they appeared to arbitrarily select their prisoners in the Sunni-controlled town of Mishahda.

The officers who discovered the 14 dead victims told reporters that they were shot to death execution-style by their abductors who shot each person twice, with one round to the chest and the other to the head of their captives.

Among the dead bodies were several members of one family -- a man, a woman and three children -- who were reportedly dragged out of their home by the suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, according to news reports.

This latest act of terrorism in Iraq on Thursday followed a number of terrorist bombings on Wednesday throughout the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, according to Middle East sources.

According to reports, 59 people were killed and another 60 were wounded by the remotely detonated improvised explosive devices (IED).

In Baghdad, six bombing attacks struck two majority-Shiite neighborhoods and two mixed Sunni and Shiite districts.

One of Wednesday’s bombings took place in a northern Baghdad neighborhood, where a parked car bomb exploded at an open-air marketplace. The IED killed five shoppers and wounded 12, the local media reported.

Another car bomb in a commercial area killed four civilians and wounded 14 others, police said.

The latest violent attacks occurred in addition to the battle between the Iraqi army and al-Qaeda-linked terrorists who invaded and occupied the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi.

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