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Interview with the Forerunner, producer of the "Jay-Z Deception"

A few months ago the Evangelical Examiner column featured an article called "Getting Informed about the Jay-Z Deception,"  based on, an 11-part series called the "Jay-Z Deception" (see video below) that can be found on Youtube. The video is hosted by the Forerunner, and in it he declares the hidden Masonic and Satanic messages found within certain songs and videos featuring Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce and other various entertainers. It is part of a larger collection of videos from the Forerunner Chronicles. Recently, the Evangelical Examiner had the opportunity to speak to the Forerunner about the "Jay-Z Deception", today's music, and other ministry initiatives. 

The Forerunner is spreading God's word while revealing the secrets behind today's music and videos.

In the video for the "Jay-Z Deception", the Forerunner is a passionate, fiery, vessel proclaiming the word of God as deception upon deception is unraveled. However, upon interviewing him, the fiery messenger was much more low-key, though not a bit less passionate as he talked about the work God called him to do. The main purpose, he explains, for making the "Jay-Z Deception" was "to expose the darkness that many people, right now, are trapped in." If you think he's referring to the enemy making intricate plots of destruction against those who don't believe in Jesus; you are wrong. Citing 2 Timothy 4, he says these plots are "are not spoken towards those people who are already caught up in these deceptions but it is spoken toward those who are of faith. The devil is seeking to draw people out of their faith in Christ Jesus into his deception..." He adds, "and he's using mediums like the music and the fashion industry, which are enticing to us on a very base level, dealing with our senses to draw us out of a reasonable rational relationship with God."

Although, it may seem like he is coming against Jay-Z, he begs to differ, saying, "I have nothing against Beyonce or Jay-Z or Rihanna or any of these other entertainers because these are people that Jesus shed his blood for as well." Though his next statement draws a very defined line in the ground of commonality between these artist and the people of God. " ...But as they currently live their life the way that they are it's not safe for any of our children or for us to partake in any of their music or to have their pictures on our wall or any of this. They stand for something that is completely antagonistic to Christianity." Asked whether or not it's okay for Christians to listen to the music every now and then he emphatically answers: "That's like debating whether or not its okay to take a little bit of rat poisioning here and there —by no means is it okay."  

A veteran of the video and music industry in the late 1990's, Forerunner left it all behind and started drawing closer to God. Noticing that a lot of people don't take the time to look into what they are looking at on a daily basis God began to deal with him in that area. "The Holy Spirit has just recently been guiding me into deeper investigation into that aspect of our daily human experience, so that people can come to the realization that these are arenas that the enemy is getting us," he states.

This is no haphazard quest for the Forerunner, he has studied secret societies, and the occult for upwards of ten years, but he credits most of his study to the word of God. "The word of God is the source of truth. As I study these things, the Holy Spirit opens my eyes to things about me and as He opens my eyes to things about me then I share them with others..." Continuing he says, "As God is moving in my life and I'm seeking to be obedient, by His grace and share His word with others He just gives me more information."

Forerunner's message has received an overwhelmingly positive reception. He tells of instances where people have sent emails of thanks. He also recounts stories of people within the music industry letting him know that they have deleted songs from their iPods, and even some who, after watching the "Jay-Z Deception" realize the need to get their life right with God. Not surprisingly, Forerunner takes no credit for himself, exhibiting the humbleness that should always adorn the speech of the men and women of God, he says, "God receives all the glory for this because obviously I don't have the ability to change somebody's heart to make a transformation."

Make no mistake, speaking the word of God and questioning the music and videos of highly popular artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna will get you some heat, and music is not all he talks about —he also sticks the iron in the fire of politics as well (See the Homo-geniz-nation series). It can be a dangerous life; nonetheless, Forerunner says, "I leave my life in the hands of the Lord. I believe nothing can happen to me before it's my time. Jesus said we should fear the one who can destroy the soul and the body (Matthew 10:28)....I fear God.

The Forerunner has established an "honor rack" program where volunteers find areas for a rack to be placed containing free Forerunner Chronicle DVD's. The volunteer's responsibility would be to keep the racks filled. If you would like to learn more  about the"honor rack" program click here.


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