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Interview with author Meredith Mawr on her labors of love (Photos)

On May 7, 2014, young adult book author Meredith Mawr shared about her background, writing and current literary projects. Most importantly she shared about her labors of love!

Inspiration for Elle's beloved Mischa in "Summon."
Inspiration for Elle's beloved Mischa in "Summon."
Mischa, Photo courtesy Meredith Mawr, used with permission
"Summon" by Meredith Mawr, Image courtesy Mawr, used with permission

Meredith, where do you live?

"Like my book's character Elle, I grew up in a small town. My hometown is in Kentucky, but I currently live in lovely Beaufort, S.C."

What is your educational background?

"I earned a Bachleor of Arts degree and taught college for six years. I studied toward a Masters in Interior Design. Earning the latter degree was interrupted by a bruising economic recession. My life, at that time, took an unexpected turn. I became a writer!"

In addition to writing, what else keeps you busy?

"My latest labor of love is writing, but another is that I'm married to a great guy. We have two 'girls.' Our eldest is an awesomely amazing seven-year-old daughter who’s been reading and writing books since she was barely four. Our second is a Siberian Husky, who, just like in the story (photo), is named Mischa!

Writing my stories is a love affair for me and I try to infuse each with details and real characters my readers can identify with. I hope readers find them as engaging as I do."

Tell us a little about "Summon."

"In 'Summon,' the first novel of 'The Summoner Series,' rational, logical Electra Vance leaves for Killewycke Academy and is excited to go (at least 99% of her is). She tells her grandmother, '…I want different things,' (than she has at home). But, Elle gets far more excitement than she bargained for!.. "

Thank you Meredith Mawr for sharing. Mawr had this to add about her book.

"What if your dreams always came true?... or at least parts of them did? That’s what begins to happen to Electra Vance in this young adult paranormal romance, 'Summon.'

Join Elle on her unforeseen journey, discovering more about herself, her world, her family, (even about Sam), than only her wildest dreams dared foretell."

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