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Interview auction tape has Beatles discussing a musical, Vietnam, quitting by 35

Images of the Beatles press conference tape being sold by Omega Auctions.
Images of the Beatles press conference tape being sold by Omega Auctions.
Omega Auctions

A rare 1966 interview reel-to-reel tape of the Beatles discussing everything from John Lennon's comments on Jesus, the Vietnam war and the possibility of doing a musical will be auctioned this month, Beatles Examiner has learned.

This 1966 press conference tape will be sold at auction this month.
Omega Auctions

The interview, lot #166 to be sold March 20 by Omega Auctions, is taken from their press conference Aug. 17, 1966 at the King Edward Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. On the tape, the group discusses topics including John Lennon's statements about the Beatles and Jesus, the Vietnam war and their opinions on life, religion, their popularity and writing a musical.

At the press conference, Paul McCartney said they had considered writing a musical.

“We thought about writing a musical, but not like 'My Fair Lady,' because if we did one like that... There are people around that can write that kind of musical better than we can because they were doing that fifty years ago, you know. And the only thing is that if we tried to write a musical, we'd try to write one with up to date tunes and up to date music.”

John Lennon and George Harrison also expressed support for those who didn't want to fight in the Vietnam War.

“I mean, we all just don't agree with war for any reason whatsoever. There's no reason on earth why anybody should kill anybody else," Lennon said.

"I think anybody who doesn't feel like fighting or feels like fighting is wrong has a right not to go in the army. There's nobody can force you into going and killing someone," said Harrison.

John Lennon also referred to the controversy over his Jesus remarks on March 4, 1966.

“We're not allowed to have opinions. You might have noticed, you know."

McCartney also discussed how long the Beatles might last.

“The only reason we won't be around is we'll be dead,” he said. “But, uhh, as Beatles we could be around still doing the same thing as we're doing now only we have developed a bit. But you know, it'd be a bit embarrassing at 35."

According to the auction house, the tape, being sold with copyright, is just over 15 minutes long and is on a 1/4" Scotch tape recorded at 7.5ips on an Ampex professional recorder. The auction house values the tape at £400 to £500 ($668.78 to $835.98).


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