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Internet marketers need statistical analysis understanding

Thanks to a proliferation of data analysis opportunities for small and large companies, today’s marketers must be prepared to understand what data analyses can be done for their businesses and how to use those analyses in marketing decisions.

I have been attending tech meetups in Los Angeles, and I have recently heard presentations from Activision and Netflix about data collection for the purpose of “slicing and dicing” the info for marketing strategies. These actions can have great impact on which companies win out in highly competitive industries such as subscription online gaming and subscription online film and TV entertainment.

Someone asked me why I wanted to know about this myself rather than leaving this tech area to computer people. I replied that I had learned in business school that you could affect the results of a statistical analysis by the way you set up an experiment.

Rather than relying on a computer person to tell me the results based on what he/she thinks I wanted considered in the analysis, I want to be able to “read” and understand the data query request. In this way I can determine whether the variable parameters are indeed what I wanted. In other words, this ability would help me evaluate the credibility of the results.

R statistical programming language conference at UCLA

The programming language R is free software that is used for statistical computing and data analysis. For people interested in knowing more about this, starting on June 30 at UCLA there is a four-day R conference that I will be attending.

To learn about and register for the conference, go to

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