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Internet equality and net neutrality battle heats up over court ruling

In remarks Senator Al Franken wrote to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Thursday, he stated, “The Internet was developed at taxpayers’ expense to benefit the public interest. It belongs to all of us. And net neutrality keeps it that way.”

Franken's remarks are in response to a federal appeals court ruling earlier this week that overturned FCC rules requiring internet providers to treat all internet traffic the same.

The courts striking down the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality order will cause the topics of net neutrality and internet regulation to make their way to the US congress in the days ahead.

Verizon challenged the FCC net neutrality rules in court. On Tuesday, Randal Milch, Verizon's executive vice president of public policy, praised the court for overturning the "unnecessary regulations."

A defeat for consumers?

While Verizon savors a victory in the courts, a headline from the business section of the LA times proclaims a different perspective, "Bow to Comcast and Verizon, your overlords."

Many people fear that without regulations in place large service providers like Comcast and Verizon will give preferential treatment to content they own, and charge a premium for other services, such as Netflix.

One often discussed scenario is having internet services bundled similar to cable TV services, making a service like Netflix only available to people buying a higher tier internet service package, or charging extra for Netflix as a premium service.

Since Netflix is currently independent of the large ISP's the new net neutrality ruling has created a lot of speculation on the future of Netflix.

The battle is far from dead

With internet freedom fighters on one side and the giant telecoms like Verizon and Comcast on the other, the battle for internet equality and net neutrality is far from dead. Look forward to the battle heating up!

If you are a bit fuzzy on the overall concept of net neutrality, take a moment to check out the article, "Internet equality and net neutrality explained in simple terms."


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