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Internet Defense League to launch on opening night of new Batman movie

Group set to launch on opening night of Batman movie with cat signals.
Group set to launch on opening night of Batman movie with cat signals.
Internet Defense League

The Internet Defense League, a group that describes itself as "a network of people and sites who use their massive combined reach to defend the open internet and make it better," is set to launch Thursday, July 19.

On Tuesday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced:

As Hollywood’s latest superhero movie opens in theaters for a midnight showing, IDL members in select cities can celebrate the launch around powerful spotlights rented for the occasion.

According to the Internet Defense League's website, members in "select cities" will use the searchlights to "beam" the IDL’s “cat-signal” onto clouds or neighboring buildings.

So far, parties have been planned for San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, London and Ulaar Bataar, Mongolia.

The site says there may be parties in a "few more" cities.

"In San Francisco we're going all out and getting an enormous spotlight that needs a special truck to power it," the group said on their site.

"Everyone who took part in defeating SOPA, PIPA & ACTA this year are legitimate real-life superheroes," they added.

In January, a number of websites "went dark" to protest the Stop Piracy Online Act (SOPA). But the EFF says that pending government action by supporters of the act threaten online privacy.

"In fact," Rainey Reitman wrote, "SOPA supporters are already pushing their censorship agenda through new bills, secret international trade agreements, and 'voluntary' agreements negotiated between Big Content and service providers."

According to a fundraising page for the IDL, two cities are "funded," while three cities are "ready to go." The site says it has raised nearly $13,000 toward its goal of $19,000.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the San Francisco party will start at 8 p.m. at the offices of Mozilla, located at 2 Harrison Street.


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