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Insider warns that more banker assassinations are coming

Keep calm and kill a banker
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Within the past few weeks, at least three high level bankers and one financial journalist have either died due to mysterious circumstances that officials have quickly labeled as 'suicides', or disappeared without a trace. With little information to go on from most public sources, several outside investigators have questioned the timing and reasons why these individuals have suddenly died, or been killed off, and are continuing to seek answers.

However, on Feb. 5, an insider and former head trader for a top banking firm issued a warning that new information is out which shows that 'hit squads' have been made active in the Wall Street area, and that a high level banker tied to recent investigations into Forex manipulation, along with up to three dozen others involved in scandals, are being targeted for potential assassination in light of their viability as witnesses and whistle blowers to federal and financial regulators.

Word on the "street" watch for a top level American bankster to expire. Hit teams are fully operational in Wall Street. (REDACTED) HIGHLY VISIBLE POWER BROKER- co-ordinating. Speak to you soon. Please post this to warn sheep. V-UPDATE 9:24 AM MOUNTAIN-NEXT ON THE HIT LIST CITI EXECUTIVE TIED IN WITH FOREX FRAUD -HIT LIST HAS 3 DOZEN MORE NAMES-DESPERATE TIMES REQUIRE DESPERATE MEASURES IN THE WORLD OF MONETARY CONTROL! JPM can't hold yellow metal shorts on notional gold. LIBOR and derivative hits continue as bankster suddenly commit "suicide". 43 are on the knock off list and counting. The shock waves of this and many other scandals are creating turmoil everywhere. - V, Guerrilla Economist, Q Alerts

Over the past two days, a little more information has come out on the three bankers and one journalist who allegedly committed suicide over the past three weeks, and their intimate ties to major financial scandals rocking the Western banking system. Beginning with David Bird, the oil markets reporter who had worked at the Wall Street Journal for 20 years and vanished without a trace on the afternoon of Jan. 11, followed by William Broeksmit, a top executive at Deutsche Bank who hanged himself on Jan. 26 just days after BaFin announced evidence of precious metal price manipulation, and ending with Michael (Mike) Dueker, the Chief Economist at Russell Investments, the potential for several key players within the financial industry to have committed suicide within days or weeks of each other is far from coincidental.

In 2013, several major financial scandals rocked the banking world, with hundreds of trillions of dollars in fraud being investigated by multiple agencies. From J.P. Morgan's London Whale scandal, to HSBC's settlement over money laundering for drug cartels, and now, an ongoing investigation into Forex and precious metals price manipulation, one or more of these crimes could bring down a fragile financial system that is already cratering under the threat of a simple taper by the Federal Reserve.

On the street, perpetrators have killed victims for crimes involving less than a dollar, so it is not out of the realm of belief that hit squads and assassinations would be par for the course in crimes involving trillions of dollars, and the confidence of the Western financial system. And as a banking insider and former head trader has announced today, several major Wall Street bankers could be marked for death to ensure all loose ends are tied up, and where dead men can tell no tales to investigators and law enforcement.

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