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Indiana Leopard: Killed after lady photographs big cat in backyard

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An Indiana Leopard may sound like a joke, but it was very real. Donna Duke, claimed that a leopard who was roaming her property was shot by her friend's boyfriend. According to United Press International on June 24, 2013, Indiana Department of Natural Resources believes that it is indeed, a leopard.

"Donna Duke said the animal was shot by her friend's boyfriend just outside of Charlestown while trying to protect her friend's cats, which had been subject to numerous attacks recently from a suspected bobcat."

The "Indiana Leopard" was most likely someone's pet as leopards are not indigenous to the state or anywhere else in North America. So far nobody has come forward as the owner or reported a missing leopard. Authorities have no idea where the animal came from and still need to conclusively confirm that it is actually a leopard. They are continuing to study Duke's photos and the body.

No such thing as an "Indiana Leopard", but they can be found in Africa and parts of tropical Asia. Leopards are related to Black Panthers and Jaguars and can move at speeds up to 36 miles per hour. Leopards can eat whatever they catch, so house cats need to beware.

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