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Increase eBay sales by using Best Offer

Best Offer can increase sales.
Best Offer can increase sales.

Best Offer can be used on Fixed Price listings when the seller is open to negotiating with the buyer. Best Offer isn’t available in every category, so if the Best Offer check box isn’t shown when listing an item, it isn’t an option in that category. Using Best Offer can open up the lines of communication with buyers, give them a chance to negotiate with sellers, and help sellers sell more items.

When listing items on eBay, the Best Offer option appears under the box where price is entered. Buyers can submit an offer with a 48 hour time limit. (Offers expire after 48 hours.) A best offer is considered like any other bid or buy it now, so the buyer is obligated to honor his offer if accepted by the seller. Buyers are not charged anything extra to use the Best Offer option.

Sellers have several options when considering a Best Offer:

• Accept the offer and the listing ends.

• Decline the offer.

• Respond with a counter offer – buyers can respond back with an counter offer to the seller’s counteroffer and the negotiating can go back and forth.

• Do nothing and allow the offer to expire within 48 hours - counteroffers also expire within 48 hours.

Sellers have the option to respond to offers automatically. Sellers can set auto-decline for offers. This can be a huge time saver if the seller already knows the lowest they will take for an item. Some buyers will make very low offers and sellers don’t want to be bothered with declining low offers. Auto-decline is a way to automate the process of Best Offer. On the other hand, sellers can also set up auto-accept if they know the price range they will accept. Automation is the key to reducing the amount of time spent on an eBay business, so responding to offers automatically is a handy option.

Using Best Offer can help sellers make more sales. Some buyers like to haggle and negotiate. Why not let them? When using Best Offer, most sellers raise the price of the item 20% or more to allow room for bargaining. In some cultures, bargaining and negotiating is second nature – sellers shouldn’t take it personally that a buyer wants to negotiate. The seller always has the last word on a sale with Best Offer. There is no charge to either buyer or seller to use this option, so it can be a win-win for both buyer and seller.

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