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Image of axe-wielding ghost captured on decommissioned military ship

Axe-wielding ghost caught on film
Axe-wielding ghost caught on film
Stevgoldhound/ imgur

When a dock foreman, identified only as John, took a walk through the decommissioned military ship snapping pictures, he didn’t see anything out of place. But what he saw on the photo certainly creeped him out, reports Before It’s News on August 4. John caught an unidentified image that shows an uncanny resemblance to a hunched man wielding an axe.

The photo was uploaded to imgur by user ‘stevgoldhound’ who claims his friend John sent him the photo. As the story goes, the unidentified military vessel had been brought into dry lock to be dismantled. John, the dock foreman, set out to enter the ship and take pictures of work areas. Because it was dark inside the ship, he carried a torch. He claims that he used the torch to locate the area he needed to shoot, turned out the torch and shot the picture each time, leaving him in total darkness in the belly of the ship.

He took several hundred pictures from inside the vessel and sent them to his boss. His boss discovered the image of the axe-wielding man in one of the photos and called John to ask whom it was, explains stevgoldhound.

Stevgoldhound admits that he is a skeptic and doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he also thinks that he friend John was telling the truth about the picture, as he was visible upset. According to John, the police were called because the ship was military. No one was found on the ship. He claims there was no way for a real person to escape the ship, as there was a 25-meter drop to concrete and no other exits.

Stevgoldhound admits that he doesn’t know who or what the image in the photo is and asks for help from anyone who can clean up the image or identify the man.

Did foreman John capture the image of a ghost on film or is he simply pulling Stevgoldhound’s leg?

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