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Illegal aliens causing upsurge in violence in Texas, says Gov. Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry said on a Sunday morning television news show that homicides and other violent crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens are increasing in his state and a record number of illegal immigrants from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. While the interview addressed the conflict in Gaza between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the subject of illegal aliens pouring over his state's border became the focus of the discussion.

Gov. Perry is using his own law enforcement resources to perform the job that Obama should be performing: Securing the borders.
Courtesy of the Texas Department of Public Safety

During CNN's "State of the Union," the Texas Republican told host Candy Crowley that his state is experiencing an enormous number of individuals illegally entering the United States from nations suspected of having terrorist ties. He opined that they are a threat to U.S. national security.

Perry also claimed that since 2008, 203,000 illegal aliens have been put in Texas prisons and jails, many of them responsible for about 3,000 homicides and almost 8,000 sexual assaults.

"I wish the President would respect that desire of Texans and the citizens of this country to secure the border," Perry said. "That's the real issue here—and one that all too often gets deflected by the conversation about unaccompanied minor children."

Candy Crowley, who many have accused of being a Democratic Party water carrier, challenged Perry's number. Crowley said, "Governor, I have to point out that a number of fact checkers has said that 3,000 homicide figure is wildly off."

Perry asked Crowley, "What are the number of homicides acceptable to those [fact checkers]? How many sexual assaults do we have to have before the president of the United States and [his administration in] Washington, D.C., acts to keep our citizens safe?"

'You know, what are the number of, I do stand by them, by the way, but that border is not secure, and we see it everyday. Not just in Texas, but I will suggest to you the other 47 contiguous states [have illegal aliens] who are committing crimes against our citizens. It's time for us to secure that border."

Later on the same program, Rep. Mike McCaul , R-Texas, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, stated that Iranian terrorists, who are reportedly recruiting and training in South and Central America, are believed to be planning to sneak across the border into the United States. He added that he believes others who wish to harm Americans are planning to breach what little security does exist on America's porous southern border.

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