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Ignoring illegal alien threat advances ‘gun control’ agenda

Confirmation of Jeh Johnson, Obama's guy in charge of Homeland Security, who turns a blind eye to border protection and says illegals have earned the right to vote, was supported by plenty of NRA A-rated Republicans.
Confirmation of Jeh Johnson, Obama's guy in charge of Homeland Security, who turns a blind eye to border protection and says illegals have earned the right to vote, was supported by plenty of NRA A-rated Republicans.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

“The Department of Homeland Security has lost track of more than 6,000 foreign nationals who entered the United States on student visas, overstayed their welcome, and essentially vanished -- exploiting a security gap that was supposed to be fixed after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks,” ABC News reported Tuesday. “[I]mmigration officials have struggled to keep track of the rapidly increasing numbers of foreign students coming to the U.S. -- now in excess of one million each year. The immigration agency’s own figures show that 58,000 students overstayed their visas in the past year. Of those, 6,000 were referred to agents for follow-up because they were determined to be of heightened concern.”

For some reason, Republican Senator Tom Coburn appears bewildered.

“They just disappear,” he complained, noting that 26 student visa holders have been arrested in the U.S. on terror-related charges in the years since 9/11. “They get the visas and they disappear.”

Well no, duh, and had Coburn done his due diligence for his Constitutional advise and consent duty, along with 22 of his Republican colleagues, they would have objected to the confirmation of Jeh Johnson as Homeland Security Secretary, instead of voting to confirm him.

Johnson is the Obama loyalist who, weeks after getting the nod, made it clear to the United Conference of Mayors that, in his opinion, “the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have ‘earned the right to be citizens,’” meaning when that happens, the ranks of Democrat voters will swell, allowing more anti-gun politicians to be elected and more anti-gun judges to be appointed. The 5 to 4 Supreme Court majority that ruled in Heller and McDonald will become a thing of the past. As far as anti-gun laws being passed and upheld, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Coburn’s belly-aching to the press belies a culpability he shares, along with some other prominent names gun owners have been encouraged to support.

Topping the list for Johnson’s “Aye” votes was Lamar Alexander, A-rated by NRA, and confident he could vote for confirmation without any worries that would jeopardize his Association endorsement. Next giving Johnson her approval was Kelly Ayotte, someone NRA ran ads for. Also giving a thumbs ups were NRA A-raters John Barrasso, Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Saxby Chambliss, the aforementioned Coburn, Thad Cochran, Bob Corker, Mike Enzi, Jeff Flake, Orrin Hatch, Dean Heller, John Isakson, Mike Johanns, Ron Johnson, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Roberts, John Thune, Patrick Toomey, and Roger Wicker.

And, of course, so-called “pro-gun Democrats” like Max Baucus were in lockstep with “true champion of the Second Amendment” Harry Reid, who spearheaded the filibuster change rule that allowed for nominees like Johnson to be considered based on a simple majority -- a move NRA also sat on its hands for.

So what is this, mixing apples and oranges, along with a rant to bash NRA?

Hardly. While there is arguably a difference of degrees between illegal alien border-crossers and illegal alien students, the same arguments for accepting that they’re here to stay can be made for all. As for NRA, you might not like to hear it, and I might not like to have to say it (do you imagine for a moment I enjoy infuriating a dominant segment of gun owners?), but it’s hardly bashing to note what their grading policies enable. It’s hardly bashing to observe that falling back on a “single issue” is just an excuse when related issues clearly impact the continued (“legally”-recognized) viability of the Second Amendment. It’s also hardly bashing to notice competing loyalties that make insider relationships appear to carry more weight than purposes and objectives codified in Association Bylaws:

To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such Constitution to acquire, possess, collect, exhibit, transport, carry, transfer ownership of, and enjoy the right to use arms, in order that the people may always be in a position to exercise their legitimate individual rights of self-preservation and defense of family, person, and property, as well as to serve effectively in the appropriate militia for the common defense of the Republic and the individual liberty of its citizens; To promote public safety, law and order, and the national defense;

By NRA’s own self-mandated criteria, this qualifies. The Board of Directors and paid staffers should be held to strict adherence to the bylaws, just as gun owners expect politicians and government employees to adhere to the Constitution.

And it’s more than “just” the potential voting issue. Millions of people who have already shown no hesitation to break U.S. laws, that is, to be criminals, add to the totality of crime, and to exploitable incidents seized on by those who would enforce and enact citizen disarmament edicts. The whole premise of the ABC story referred to at the start of this article was that national security is being compromised, and that those tasked to protect the nation have failed in their duty.

It’s fair to question whether that’s due to incompetence, deliberate indifference or design, but the fact remains, crimes and acts of violence committed by illegal aliens result in significant increased victimization. The administration has released tens of thousands of illegal aliens with serious criminal convictions. And “progressives” at the state level, like anti-gun Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, compound problems by refusing to cooperate in the deportation of inmates who have served their time.

With inevitable increases in violent crime will come increased demands to “do something” about it. With the help of complicit media, that translates into increased enforcement powers for the very state that has engineered the instability and mayhem. Along with those powers will come fewer freedoms, and of course, more “gun control.”

Until ostensibly “conservative” political and organizational leaders take meaningful steps to acknowledge and oppose this grave and obvious threat to gun rights, the most probable conclusion is, we gun owners are being played every time they solicit us for donations and other support.


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