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Iggy Azalea's "fakeness" rubs Nicki Minaj the wrong way

Nicki throws shade on Iggy Azalea at the 2014 BET Awards
Nicki throws shade on Iggy Azalea at the 2014 BET Awards
Bianca Bailey

If you have been living under a rock, you may not know who she is, but Iggy Azalea is a new rapper who has been tearing up the charts. She has been making her way in the rap industry. Most know about this white girl with the extraordinary rap tactic and she has us all bumping to her music. Many like her. But, there are many rappers and artists who are beginning to show their chagrin about this rapper’s delight.
The first battle over Iggy came by way of celebrity gossip queen Perez Hilton and singer/artist K. Michele who voiced her opinion that she felt offended that Iggy Azalea rapped like a black rapper born out of Memphis, Tennessee rather than her native land of Australia. Perez immediately deemed K. Michele as a hater who is jealous of Iggy’s commercial success. They had words over twitter and all was well after a few tweets.
However, the second and bigger incident happened Sunday on the BET Awards during Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech. Minaj noted that she was real and that she wrote her own lyrics unlike some others, throwing massive amounts of shade at the fact that Iggy has writers who are giving her this persona. She calls her out for being fake. This comes after many have been proclaiming Iggy as the next big thing in female rap and tossing their pink Barbie images aside for something more like Iggy. Minaj felt the need to remind the world that she is on top of the game because she’s real.
The big issue with Iggy Azalea is the fact that she raps like a black, American female, when everyone knows that this is not what a white Australian female should sound like. She isn’t like Macklemore or Eminem who rap and talk exactly the same because that’s how their voice is. Her reasoning for her vicious flow is that it is “easier” for her to rap with this fake accent than to rap with her original one. She argues that it sounds and feels better comparing it to how many singers don’t sound like they are from the countries they are from when they sing. Many people call this reason fake as well.
Nevertheless, many people do not appreciate the fakeness of her act and that could affect her longevity in the rap game. One thing is certain, Nicki ain’t having it.c