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If the Texans 'haven't played anyone,' then neither have the Falcons or Ravens

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Fraud. Exposed. Haven't played anyone.

Pick your cliche.

But after the Texans got their butts handed to them at home against their first 'quality' opponent last night, the naysayers came out in full force.

As if we're in an era of NFL dynasties and totally dominant teams. Please.

The Packers lose to the Colts, the Colts get killed by the Jets, the Texans beat the Jets and the Texans lose to the Packers.

So the obvious conclusion is the Texans must be a fraud.

If you're interested in facts instead of blather, the combined win-loss record of Texans opponents so far this season is 15-20, a .429 winning percentage.

But if that constitutes playing 'no one,' then what about Atlanta and Baltimore, two other teams at the top of the NFL standings?

Atlanta's opponents so far this season are a combined 12-22 (.353) while Baltimore's opponents are 13-22 (.371).

So if the Texans haven't played anyone, then Atlanta and Baltimore surely need to step to the front of the 'haven't played anyone' line, right?

Neither the Texans, Falcons or Ravens have played anyone with a winning record based on standings through Week 6, but of course that will change next Sunday when the Ravens and Texans face off for the AFC lead position as we head into mid-season.

At any rate, if you're going to call the Texans frauds and pretenders, then you might want to include other teams in that mix as well, namely the Falcons and the Ravens who along with the Texans own the best records in the league through six weeks.

And please, save the 'Josh McDaniels started 6-0 a couple years ago' comments.

We're talking about three teams that made the playoffs last season in Houston, Atlanta and Baltimore, three teams that are just as qualified to make the playoffs again in 2012.