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If southern border attacked, watch antis blame Second Amendment

President Barack Obama is focused...on his golf game.
President Barack Obama is focused...on his golf game.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

As Americans rolled out Friday for the long Labor Day holiday weekend, there was serious talk about what may be an imminent terrorist attack somewhere along the southern border, according to reports from several news agencies, including the Washington Times.

It’s the kind of thing that the gun prohibition lobby financed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who just dumped a cool million into the campaign coffers of an extremist gun control measure in Washington State, would somehow try to blame on the Second Amendment. Gun control seems to attract wealthy elitists who have their own private security.

The Washington Post editorial board late Friday — perhaps trying to deliberately bury their sudden jolt of journalistic reality in the Labor Day holiday distractions — took the surprising tone of a coach to its star player by essentially telling the president to get his act together. Said the WaPo: “It’s time Mr. Obama started emphasizing what the United States can do instead of what it cannot.”

At issue: President Barack Obama’s leadership skills as the world seems to be going up in smoke while he fiddles around with a nine iron. Perhaps the Post’s concerns were raised by the terror talk, or the recent James Foley beheading that showed the newspaper that journalists are not immune from barbarity.

When the veneer of a president is wearing so thin that the newspaper that helped elect him to two terms finds itself in the embarrassing position of having to smack him one publicly upside the head, his critics translate that to mean the nation is in trouble. The Post is disturbed that Obama, discussing the serious threat posed by the ISIS savages in Syria, uttered perhaps his most honest, and self-revealing remark since he took office: “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

Did he ever? His critics say Vladimir Putin played him like a violin in the Ukraine. Iraq is falling apart after so much American blood had been spilled to hold it together. The president promised accountability for Fast and Furious and then gave his attorney general cover with executive privilege. The list goes on and on to include the IRS scandal and Benghazi.

Obama is looking like an empty suit who has found himself in so far over his head that he cannot see the top of the curb, rather than a president of the United States. His image of detachment with golf club in hand doesn’t reassure America that there’s nothing to worry about.

If there is a genuine threat that could cost American citizens their lives, it needs to be stopped decisively, and without waiting for things to “stabilize.” If the bin Laden raid demonstrated anything, it’s that the only way to effectively deal with barbarians who intend to kill you is to kill them first. You do not negotiate with dangerous fanatics who videotape the beheading of an American citizen, nor give them time to re-sharpen their knives while you come up with a plan.

According to Judicial Watch, “Islamic State and al-Qaida terrorist cells are operating in a Mexican border town and are plotting to attack the United States with car bombs and improvised explosive devices," citing intelligence sources. Even Saudi King Abdullah is warning of danger.

“A red alert has been issued by Homeland Security, the Justice Department, and the Department of Defense,” a Newsmax report added, “to its agents to actively investigate all possible leads to what the government watchdog group says is ‘an imminent terrorist threat’.”

Fox News led its report with this: “Social media chatter shows Islamic State militants are keenly aware of the porous U.S.-Mexico border.” If an attack happens, the American public better wake up and remember who has given us that “porous border” and it wasn’t the National Rifle Association.

But one can almost bet the farm, or Bloomberg’s billions, that the gun prohibition lobby will find some way to blame gun rights, or at least gun ownership, for such an attack; the old “easy access to car bombs” argument. Perhaps we could institute a universal background check on the sale or transfer of an IED. One can imagine Bill Gates dumping a million bucks into an initiative campaign.

There will be attempts to exploit such an attack as a reason to criminalize gun shows and people loaning shotguns to their neighbors for a weekend. It’s astonishing that anyone could honestly believe terrorists, much less domestic criminals, are going to bother with, or be deterred by, such things as background checks, waiting periods, magazine capacity limits or human decency.

If such a threat is genuine, the American public, including the gun-ban crowd, is going to quickly remember what the Second Amendment is really all about, and it’s not duck hunting. Like it or not, armed private citizens could become a significant line of defense.

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