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Ides of Gemini Look For Darkness

Ides of Gemini show off their trance inducing metal when opening for Ghost B.C. this Friday at St. Andrew's Hall

For as big and sunny as Los Angeles is, there can be some real desolate and bleak moments that turn into great music. When listening to the doom metal band Ides of Gemini, you get the feeling that the beautiful yet eerie vibe in their music comes a bit from the not so glamorous side of the city. The band’s music seems more suited for early 90’s dark alternative, or maybe even the type of music played in a campfire scene in a horror movie, before things get all nuts.

Forming a few years back, the trio were signed to Neurot Records and put out their debut, “Constantinople” last year and won raves all over the metal blogosphere. With songs like “Resurrectionists” and “Starless Midnight”, the music has a real way of entrancing the listener and making them feel on edge waiting for the next moment throughout the album. With the album now having been out almost a year, the band released a 7 inch for Record Store Day, with two new tracks: “Spectral Queen” and “Darkness at Noon”. These are the type of songs you find intriguing at first, but as time and more listens go out, the music sticks with you a bit more and gets stuck in your head.

Ides of Gemini will be back on the road in support of both “Constantinople” and the 7 inch this spring as they play one of their more high profile tours to date, as they open up for the occultist rockers Ghost B.C. (Ghost to you and me, damn legal issues). As the band mixes headlining dates with dates with Ghost B.C., it’ll keep them on the road through May 18th. But don’t think the band is missing Detroit this tour, as they head to St. Andrew’s Hall on Friday, May 17th. If you want to see the opening “ritual” before Ghost comes on, head down to the best metal service in town as Ides of Gemini prepares to take you on quite a ride.

Ides of Gemini open for Ghost B.C. at St. Andrew’s Hall on Friday, May 17th. Tickets are $16.50 and are available at Additional tour dates and band info can be found at


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