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I am sick of this LAUSD school board election

Each day I receive a mailer from Alex Johnson. Alex Johnson is the educational advisor for County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Johnson has no educational experience and no children in school.

Current LAUSD school board members Tamar Galatzan and Monica Garcia were elected to the LAUSD without an educational background. Both are anti-teacher and pro Superintendent Deasy. We don’t need another board member who will be anti teacher and pro Deasy.

If you remember the last school board elections, the mayor of New York gave a million dollars in campaign contributions to a candidate who fortunately lost the election. Why does a mayor from 3,000 miles away have an interest in a local school board election in Los Angeles? I don’t believe he should have been able to contribute campaign money.

Now the big money from the billionaires and millionaires—reformers who are really deformers--is behind Johnson. These supporters are the ones who want public schools to close so that for profit charter schools will have all the students but the poor, special needs, English language learners, and the problems.

Johnson’s attacks against his opponent George McKenna have angered communities throughout South Los Angeles. In addition to the mailers, Johnson’s financial backers have paid for thousand of Alex Johnson signs throughout the district, many which are posted illegally on fences of public property.

Ridley-Thomas has become a kingmaker. His son was elected to the California State Senate over a more qualified and highly experienced opponent. If Johnson is elected to office, I can see him eagerly eyeing the office of Council Member Bernard Parks.

Too many of the LAUSD school board members have run for office to earn name recognition, and not for the students and their education. Several have made it to the Los Angeles City Council. One current school board member had the audacity to run for the Council during her first term as a school board member. She lost.

I can’t wait for this election to be over.

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