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I am declaring

What is your declaration? According to the Microsoft dictionary, declaration means, “official proclamation.” I have decided that I am declaring officially to continue, lifelong, to push beyond any barriers that attempt to block me from living my life purpose. You know what? It feels really good to say this out loud. Deep down I have always known I was a survivor but to admit I will not only survive my future but I will continue to conquer and guide it purposefully is pretty amazing.

Declare your existence to the universe and enable it to flow in the current of your purpose.
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I will even make a proclamation about my past. I declare that it has come and gone. It may have been difficult but I have survived and I am a better person because of it. I do not want to live it again but I have learned from it. I officially close the door to my yesteryears and I am giving me permission to reside right here in my present moment. And, guess what? I like this moment; it feels pretty darn good!

You may often think about your life and what you want but when was the last time you made a declaration about it? It really does make a difference to claim what you want. Say it out loud with confidence. Speak it, be one with it, take it all in and allow the universe to enable you to live all that you declare!

Honor your life, your body and your loved ones, with a proclamation that is purposeful. There really isn’t any better way to live. What will you declare?

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