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Hundreds treated for jellyfish stings over weekend off Florida's East Coast

A weekend at the beach turned into a nightmare for hundreds of people who sought relaxation in the waters on Florida’s East Coast.

Hundreds of swimmers treated for jellyfish stings along the Volusia Co., FL coastline over the weekend.
(Bay News 9)

WPTV-TV reported Monday (Aug. 12) that more than 200 people had to be treated for stings sustained after they encountered an increased number of jellyfish in the surf from Ormond Beach to New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County.

Officials reported more than 150 people were treated for jellyfish stings alone on Saturday.

The strong winds and current pushed hundreds of the gelatinous stingers close to shore, said Tammy Marris, spokeswoman for Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

Purple flags were flying on the beach all weekend to warn of the high number of jellyfish in the water.

Jellyfish stings can cause burning, itching and leave red marks where the tentacles make contact with skin. They can usually be treated with home remedies but in severe cases require emergency medical attention.

Large number of jellyfish are expected to linger along Volusia County beaches until the winds shift direction.

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