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Human animal hybrids created in secret U.S. government alien underground base (Photos)

After only one season, the highly rated UFO Hunters was yanked off the air for exposing government human animal genetic experiments when they showed photos of a cow/human fetus on their Dulce alien base episode.

Dulce Base security officer Thomas Costello leaked these to the public He and his family are missing & presumed dead by the public.
Dulce Base security officer Thomas Costello leaked these to the public He and his family are missing & presumed dead by the public.
Thomas Costello & google earth

Dulce military base in New Mexico is a black ops government lab which is 7 stories deep under the Archuleta Mesa. Admittance to this secret military facility is via a tunnel system which was dug with nuclear technology (which melts rock and creates a glass finish 360 degrees within the tunnel) and has a tram that travels 12 to 14,000 mph.

The ultra-high security is to ensure that the public doesn’t know the following

1. aliens (or so-called “aliens/See article on the biblical Nephilim here: ) are real and the reptilian and gray aliens are working side-by-side US govt employees

2. USA has technology for such fast travel and nuclear underground tunneling

3. US is aware that men, women and children are being abducted for experimentation against their will

4. Human beings are being held (men, woman and children) are being held in cages underground

5. The government has created animal-human hybrids and alien-human hybrids

6. The government made an agreement with aliens (President Eisenhower 1930s)stating that they could have humans for food (more details below) and for cruel genetic experimentation and impregnation in exchange for technology for our defense and control of the population

7. USA has lied about an alien presence on earth for many years.

8. An alien presence and advanced technology has been here since the dawn of time as ancient artifacts confirm

The infamous Dulce Wars were a direct result of employees opposing the abduction and experimentation of human beings after seeing them in cages awaiting their fate as food for the reptilians, a source of liquid protein for the grays or the victim of genetic experimentation.

See video Prisoners of Dulce Base here

Security officer at Dulce base (see real video of alien hybrids in vats of liquid here), Thomas Costello revealed that the humans in cages on the 6th floor, also called “nightmare hall” were not insane, but were hysterical from fear although they were always dazed and drugged. Employees were told never to speak to the people in cages because they were there for severe mental illness and testing of psychological medications. After speaking to one, he investigated and saw the horrors that nightmare hall actually held, with the 6th and 7th lower levels housing human body parts and genetic abominations. After his discovery he assembled other people against this injustice to American citizens and the Dulce Wars began. Thomas’ wife and son were both kidnapped and are being held in an underground facility until he returns the photos and evidence against the government. He knows he can never get them back even if he did return the items. He is currently on the run for his life. No one knows if he is still currently alive. Video of interview with Costello a year before his death or disappearance, here:

Former Dulce base employee and scientist Phil Schneider lost two fingers and his toenails were burnt off when two gray aliens in the base shot an advance laser type weapon at him. He killed them both. After going public and speaking publicly, Phil had several attempts on his life and was still prepared to swear under oath in front of congress that this was all true. He is now suspiciously deceased. Everyone who has any information like this is either discredited (by being arrested or governments denial of their creditials) or are dead. Our astronauts know this and that is why they wait until they are on their death bed to tell America the truth.

John F. Kennedy tried to warn the American people about the Military Industrial Complex and secret societies which are in direct opposition to our constitution but the elite, world rulers also known as the Illuminati, have infiltrated all aspects of power in the US, including the media and political scene and the only way to stop them is for citizens to gather together and demand infiltration of secret bases and files so that they cannot carry on with these abominations.

As you will see on the attached video (watch below) they have created human animal hybrids with insect/humans, mice/humans, goats/humans, cats and dogs/humans as well as dolphins and octopus. The genes are so tangled that they cannot be considered either species any longer. Although the editing and presentation of the video on the left is a bit cheesy, the footage of the underground tunnel base and photos on the video are real.

America is not the only one breaking the laws of nature. Recently a video of a human animal hybrid was leaked from one of their bases as well. (Article and video to follow shortly)

The plot sounds like a bad horror movie, but it is all true. People have died for what they know about the secret underground alien base and will continue to be in danger until citizens demand the truth and for light to be shined on what is done in the dark by the shadow government.

There will be more articles, photos, video and documentation in the near future confirming the Illuminati, Black ops, alien and other taboo subjects they don’t want you to know so subscribe here for free for updates as they unfold.

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