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Huge list of bugs and glitches revealed for ‘WWE ‘13’

Huge list of bugs and glitches revealed for ‘WWE ‘13’
Huge list of bugs and glitches revealed for ‘WWE ‘13’

A few fans today compiled a huge list of bugs and glitches that is plaguing the recently-released multiplatform title, “WWE ’13.” The multiplatform video game have cut scenes, music, creation, unlockable issues as well as numerous problems during gameplay in matches. You can check out some screens from the wrestling game in the slideshow at the top of this article and the list below (via the THQ forum):

All of the following glitches are PS3 unless otherwise noted. Credit to "jackdaniels" of CAWS.WS for compiling this 7/8 page thread.

  • Setting up matches in Universe Mode = Freeze
  • Grapple from behind results in body contortion of some sort.
  • No sound on the impact of Kane's Big Boot
  • JR randomly joins commentary team (in current era matches)
  • Game continues after someone taps out to a breaking point submission. XBOX only so far
  • Strange camera angles - gets stuck in close up after replay of finisher resulting in a stuck game post the 3 count XBOX only so far
  • Wrestler stuck in position
  • Takers leg drop on ring apron glitches.
  • Ring Announcer fails to announce entrant
  • Royal Rumble Glitch
  • Game freezes after pinfall - maybe just in AE match
  • Music not playing for IN GAME wrestler post match.
  • Wrong post match arena for NAO post match celebration
  • Announcer fails to call winner of match
  • Wrestler not on screen/invisible/in a random part of the screen ruining the segment
  • Road Dogg’s Tron and music are listed as Custom Video and Soundtrack and so cannot be edited or they will be lost forever.
  • Unlocked Kane attire remains locked (can be gotten around by selecting the unlock all feature
  • Character no sells/doesn’t get involved in a move during the move selection in the CAMoveset
  • Announcer makes a mess of his lines when two custom titles are put on the line.

“WWE ’13” is the latest game in the long line of WWE video games. The latest title was developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ. The wrestling video game was released for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms in North America on October 30. You can purchase the product in the following link: “WWE ’13”


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