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Hug-a-dog harness dress

Lily & Emily model Dachshund Delights Hug-a-dog harness dress. They love the flirty skirt.
Lily & Emily model Dachshund Delights Hug-a-dog harness dress. They love the flirty skirt.
Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Approaching a dog on the street it can be difficult to identify if it’s male or female. Many folks will simply make a guess knowing they have a 50 percent chance of being right; while others will look for a clue: the color of the collar or leash and the presence of any feminine or masculine frills. As a polite canine human, I like to help the general public when I can. I like for people to know my girls are girls and my boy is a boy, and our new favorite accessory in this continuing endeavor is the Hug-a-dog harness dress.

Lily models Dachshund Delights' Hug-a-dog harness.
Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

As a long-time fan of the hug-a-dog harness, my dogs have been donning the snug and secure walking harnesses for over 8 years now. With the recent addition of two females to our pack I’ve been on the search for some fashion to alert the public that two of my dogs are girls. The hug-a-dog harness dress is the same design of the hug-a-dog harness with a fun and flirty skirt at the bottom.

The Hug-a-dog harness dress makes great use of a little extra fabric. The dress design does not interfere with the mobility of the dog or the elimination process. My dachshunds are able to run, play, pee and poop just like normal but now with a little added sass.

The beauty of the Hug-a-dog harness dress is the simplicity of the design. It allows both the proud parent and pampered pooch to express their personalities while remaining utilitarian. Like the fame hug-a-dog harness the craftsmanship reigns supreme, yet lets us doting dog people walk our dogs with peace of mind knowing they’re secure and safe in their walking harness.

If you’re looking to give your precious canine some extra style while keeping her safe on your walks consider the Hug-a-dog harness dress. It’s one more fun way to express your princess’ persona.

The independently owned business, Dachshund Delights, also happily accepts custom orders. You can even buy the fabric of your choosing from your favorite local fabric store and mail it in to get the exact color or pattern of your liking.

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