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HSHC to award $1.1 million in grants

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children (HSHC), the Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), announced that it will make more than $1.1 million in Access to Care Grants to 18 organizations this year. This is the largest grant commitment ever made by HSHC.

HSHC will award $301,000 in single-year Access to Care Grants to 16 organizations. Two previous grantees also will be the first recipients of HSHC's Multi-Year Access to Care Grants, receiving $375,000 each over the next five years.

"We will continue cultivating and supporting community-based work through our single year grants, while increasing our investments in multi-year grants so we can better measure our impact over the longer term," said HSHC President Dr. Beverly Largent, D.M.D. "Our greatest impact will be in the ability to demonstrate grantees' success in establishing Dental Homes for underserved kids."

Since 2010, HSHC has awarded more than $1.8 million in Access to Care Grants to 50 organizations in 18 states, and these grants have helped more than 118,000 children in need. To put HSHC's grant-making growth in perspective, the Foundation issued slightly less than $100,000 in grants to five organizations in 2010, when it first introduced Access to Care Grants. As the Foundation learned more about the needs of underserved children, it expanded the available Access to Care Grants each year and, in 2014, introduced the Multi-Year Access to Care Grants.

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