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Howard Dean: Republicans aren't American, should leave the country

Call it civility, Howard Dean style. While speaking at a fundraiser for Colorado Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff, failed presidential candidate and former Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean claimed that Republicans aren't Americans and should leave the country, Truth Revolt reported Wednesday, citing a video posted by Revealing Politics.

Howard Dean says Republicans aren't Americans and should leave country.
Timothy A. Clark / AFP / Getty Images

Moreover, Dean, known for over-the-top rhetoric, claimed the United States belongs to Democrats. He also falsely claimed that Republicans are taking away the right to vote through voter ID laws, but he failed to explain why.

"They are not American," he screamed, speaking of Republicans. "They would be more comfortable in the Ukraine, or Russia, but stay away from our country."

The audience, consisting of about 40 people, mostly reporters and Democratic Party staffers, responded warmly to Dean's comments, applauding and cheering.

"One gets the feeling that if the Democrats ever have the opportunity, they will have us all arrested. Or deported," said a post at Powerline.

The blog countered Dean's false statement by pointing out that Republicans actually want those who have the right to cast a vote to do so - and only once. Democrats, it seems, either aren't concerned about voter fraud, or they actually want it.

"Apparently," Powerline said, "Dean disagrees with these propositions, but of course he doesn’t tell us why. It is always easier to lie."

Dean, best known for his 2004 campaign scream, has a long history of this kind of rhetoric. Nor is it the first time Dean has said certain people aren't welcome in America.

While speaking at the 2011 Netroots Nation conference, he said that in his view, white people, Christians, those over the age of 55, and anyone who agrees with the Tea Party, are not welcome in his version of America.

He also claimed the Tea Party will get more dangerous and said that in his view, liberty means freedom from "religious bigots telling us how we're going to live our lives."

Truth Revolt said that left-wing eliminationist rhetoric like that used by Dean has become acceptable in Obama's America. Moreover, it's on the rise and becoming even more outrageous.

"From MSNBC hosts speechless at the idea of even speaking to Tea Party supporters to Howard Dean endorsing kicking out half the population, the new tone of the left increasingly means 'burn the heretics,'" Caleb Howe wrote. So much for that "new tone."

Video of Dean's comments can be seen above.

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