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How to get children interested in books again

Books are large parts of my family's life!
Books are large parts of my family's life!
Melissa L. Stoneburner

Sarah Willis recently wrote a 700+ word, well-referenced piece entitled How do we get our children interested in books again? Since many of children have recently finished up their school year or will shortly, the content of this article is crucial to parents that want to see their children succeed in this world and reading is a key to success.

There are changing attitudes toward reading that must initially be addressed. Parents should initially question why the attitudes towards books have shifted. Perhaps it is because children are ‘too embarrassed to pick up books’ because other children have technology in which to get their books from. More times than not though, technology is being used for games or online searches as opposed to story time.

Wouldn’t it be great this summer if parents could help their children to get exciting about reading again? Could the key to reading be as simple as giving a child their own bookshelf? Perhaps the child has not discovered which genre that they would enjoy the most, this is very important as kids need to be interested in what they are reading.

Parents should show good example by going to the library, making a day out of the occasion. Perhaps if your children see you reading the newspaper, educational magazines or even digital books that they would want to follow suit?

Depending on the age of the child, there are sometimes games or treasure hunts that parents could easily create in order to get the child to read to the next chapter or section of a book in order to be able to find the clue to the treasure. This usually captivates many children. Hands-on involvement is always a good teaching method!

Whatever method parents employ, they will want to know that statistics are drastically dropping off and that now is the time to do something about it! In 2012, only 28% of 8-16 –year olds read daily compared to the 40% just seven years earlier. Is there any surprise that 64% of parents want their children to enjoy reading like they do because reading increases memory, concentration and confidence?

Besides that, reading is a great escape. It gives everyone the opportunity to travel to places that they may not be able to go, learn about people from the past, explore the future, go beneath the sea, or be something that they are not simply by living precariously through a story character. Reading builds imagination and helps create more and better ways of living life – no matter the genre.

Sarah Wilson has the right idea in mind and other ideas to boot. If you have any further questions or would like to follow Sarah, go to:

@SarahQWillis | Google+

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