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How shocking can it be: National Static Electricity Day!

Imagine hearing about this holiday is enough to make your hair stand on end. How shocking!

National Static Electricity Day!

Today, Jan. 9 is National Static Electricity Day! It is a day to have fun and give your friends and family members a shocking experience.

It is simple to do. It happens when one person rubs their stocking feet on a carpet and touches another who just happens to be grounded causing a little shock or spark to zap them. It is harmless but can be annoying if it happens too many times in a row.

Try this little prank on your brother or sister:

Blow up a balloon and have fun sticking it to the others sweater, hair or the wall. This is also fun if you have pets that like chasing after balloons too. What fun you will have watching them try to reach the balloon if it is just out of their reach.

Just rub the balloon over your sweater to pick up a charge. If you release it close to you it will stick to your sweater. If you hold onto it and stick it to your sibling or friend it will stick to them. It will have that same sticking power if placed against a wall in the house too.

What is static electricity?

Simply put its stationary electrical charges that are typically produced by friction. This causes sparks, cracking or the attraction of dust or hair.

Ways to eliminate static electricity at home:

Winter time is when more static electricity finds itself in your home because there is a lack of humidity. If you experience too many shocks while wandering about the house you might want to invest in a humidifier to alleviate the next potential shocks from getting you when you least expect it.

Clothes have a lot to do with the static electrical attraction. Synthetic clothes pick up static charges more than cotton clothing.

Your shoes are also conductive items. Wearing rubber soled shoes will cut down on the amount of static electricity you pick up and transfer to others.


Static electricity was discovered first before electricity as we know it was. People were amazed that simply by rubbing one object against another can cause a charge we know today as static electricity.

Benjamin Franklin used lightning to create electricity by tying a key to a kite string during a thunderstorm and proved static electricity and lightning were the same.

Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb that shined for about forty hours before burning out. Many years later the light bulbs he created could be used to light the way for about 1,200 hours.

Georg Ohm who used his name in Ohms Law defined the relationships between power, voltage, current and resistance.

Samuel Morse invented the electric telegraph which was a machine that could send messages long distances across wires to another in a completely different place.

Charles Brush was able to charge batteries with the use of a large windmill to generate electricity.

The ability to harness energy and produce electricity has changed the world many times over.

Have an electrifying day and celebrate National Static Electricity Day!

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