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How long will tax refunds take? Check the status of your tax refund online

How to check the status of your tax refund
How to check the status of your tax refund
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Wondering how to check on the status of your tax refund? The IRS will not start processing taxes until Jan. 31, 2014, but you can e-File or Free file now to speed up the refund process.

"Where's my tax refund?" will become a popular online search term once taxpayers file their 2013 tax refund. Once you e-file and the IRS processes your refund, you can check the status of your refund online 72-hours after submitting your return.

IRS tax filing date delayed 2014 tax season: How long will tax refunds take?

If you file a paper return and mail it in, the process will take a lot longer. Taxpayers who file by mail will have to wait, on average, four weeks to check the status of their income tax refund.

How long will refunds take? The IRS suggest that you should e-file to speed things up. Those who file online can expect their refunds in less than 21 days.

Choose direct deposit to get your refund even faster. If you don't have a checking account, Turbo Tax offers the option of getting your tax refund on a free NetSpend Premier Visa Prepaid Card.

If you choose a paper check, it may take up to a month or more to receive it.

The "Where's My Refund" page on is an easy way to check your refund status online.

How to check the status of your tax refund online:

  • Enter your Social Security Number (or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), your filing status and the exact amount of your refund.
  • Your estimated refund time will be shown on the screen. Check back after a week has passed as that date could change.

This online service does not track refunds that are claimed on amended tax returns.

Click here to use the "Where's My Refund" tool 72 hours after you submit your return (e-file) to the IRS.

Keep in mind, even though you can e-file online on sites like Turbo Tax or H&R Block right now, the Internal Revenue Service will not processing returns until Jan. 31, 2014.

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