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How and where to buy wholesale silver jewelry for your online business

How and where to buy wholesale silver jewelry for your online business
How and where to buy wholesale silver jewelry for your online business
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As an Internet deals writer here on Examiner, I realize that a good portion of the readers who find these articles aren’t merely singular customers looking for a coupon code or a discount deal to buy one-off gifts or items. Some prospective buyers that find these pieces after typing terms such as “silver jewelry” or “silver charms” into Google are actually web business owners, seeking out a way to find wholesale silver jewelry from websites like out of Bangkok, Thailand, for example, at a deeply discounted rate – coupled with an easy buying process.

Going international to get good deals

It’s no wonder that people tend to look overseas for great bargains in order to buy sterling silver charms wholesale, because the profit margin could be amazing. Let’s say that a business owner decided to purchase 100 heart-shaped charms at only $4.10 each. That’s $410 spent on that first set of inventory. If those heart-shaped charms then become an immediate hit and sell through on the entrepreneur’s website for $10.00 each, that means the company owner has realized a profitable gross sales amount of $1,000 – representing the $10.00 mark-up price multiplied by 100 charms. In that instance a net profit of $590 could be gained, as long as no other expenses are encountered.

With so many varying categories on the discount jewelry supplier’s website, such as silver beads wholesale and sterling silver pendants wholesale, an online or in-store retailer could bulk up their entire inventory in one fell swoop, and learn which silver jewelry category becomes the most popular with their customers.

Comparing prices of the competition

Compared to other retailers like Blue Nile, Overstock, Silpada and Ross-Simons, retailers will probably find that discount suppliers like are the most affordable and economical way for companies in the United States and across other countries to buy silver beads, children's silver jewelry and silver pendants at such a discounted rate. It’s a revolution that’s been happening in the online world ever since the Internet began to seemingly make the globe smaller in many areas – from international news to the global economy and beyond. Years ago, buying a boatload of precious metals from halfway around the Earth would’ve represented a timely, arduous and difficult process. It would have been especially difficult for a small business owner to accomplish such a feat.

Thankfully, times have changed and technology has made it easier for go-getters to hang out their Internet shingles and open new businesses speedily. These days even small-time online entrepreneurs as well as bricks-and-mortar storeowners have access to some of the same sources that larger retailers use to garner their supplies. Therefore, the playing field has been leveled. Basically, the success of a business that opts to acquire their discount jewelry from overseas sources and resell it online for a profit may largely depend on how well they end up presenting the product and marketing it after it becomes a part of their inventory. May the most innovative marketer win the race.