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How a Libertarian fights depression

My guards
My guards
Photo by Ken LaRive Quito 2009

Depression comes to those who find their lives are out of their control. It comes to those who do not take responsibility for their own life, and those who blame others for what they consider unfair, or a wrongness. It is people who can't figure out what good and bad and right and wrong is, and people who don't know the difference between happiness and Joy. It is self-centered people who can't find a singular thing greater than themselves. It is people who are always hungry, but can't plant a seed....

It is people too afraid to open a door, where opportunity is constantly knocking. It is people who carry baggage heavier then their present circumstances, or what they can accomplish. It is people who have lost their ability to create, and yet are critical of the art created by others. It is myopic people who need self affirmations from others to feel good about themselves. And the others, too jealous or myopic or self absorbed themselves to give it back, become paralyzed with fear that they have little self worth, or value. Its cry-baby people who can't count their blessings, who ask of life without a thought of giving, or putting back. They are takers.

And then, they get on drugs that mask these very blatant faults found deep inside.

I have not been depressed since 1985. when Anthony (Tony) Robbins held a mirror in front of my face. And if I ever forget any of these methods, I will turn to any speech that Dr. Paul has written, or actually listen to him on UTube. These two men are my heroes, and beacons of Truth.