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Lake Whitney cliff: House falling off cliff, the end is near, video gone viral

A luxury home is dangling on the side of a cliff 75 feet above the rocky shoreline of Lake Whitney in Texas. This mansion, which is valued at $700,000, has slowly crumbled over the cliff in the last few days, according to

A house is falling off a cliff into Lake Whitney, but an amazing video shows how it dangled as the cliff gave way beneath it.

Update June 12: The National Weather Service is predicting heavy rains for the area of Lake Whitney today. Experts believe this drenching rain will saturate the ground around the house hanging over the cliff, sending the remaining of the home tumbling into Lake Whitney, according to "Fox and Friends" live on Thursday morning. It is up to Mother Nature when the house will be sent to its demise down that cliff and it looks like she about to give it a final push today.

"Fox and Friends" on Wednesday morning, June 11, ran a clip of the 4000 square-foot home falling victim to the cliff that is giving away in spurts. People across the lake from this home first heard a loud crash as the cliff gave way under the home at about 6:30 on Tuesday evening. They equated the sound of this cliff falling into the water to the sound of an "earthquake" or "blasting."

Connie Ash and Jacki McNamara said they could see a huge cloud of "stuff" billowing over the cliff. First they called 911 and then they got out the binoculars and were able to see the home's slow demise in progress. The house was slowly crawling down the cliff. It was like the cliff was taking pieces off the mansion a little bit at a time. After darkness fell, the neighbors couldn't see what was happening to the house, but could still hear noises from across the lake.

The house was condemned after a crack in the cliff was discovered and the people who lived in this luxury mansion on Overlook Court had moved out two weeks ago. Hill County Sheriff said that there is no way to predict when the rest of the house will fall off the cliff and into the water below, according to WKOH Houston, Texas today.

Tax records for the home indicate it is owned by a Aubrey couple. The house was built in 2007 in this fairly new subdivision that looks like it could have been part of the "McMansion" explosion in the nation. Sadly homes were put up just about anywhere when the housing market couldn't get enough of these up-scale homes, tagged "McMansion," in the late 20th and early 21 century.

This house offered spectacular water views from high above Lake Whitney, but because the cliff wasn't as sturdy as it was once thought to be, this Mcmansion-type home has met its demise. To add insult to injury to the home owners, who just saw their house slide off a cliff, they have to pay for the cleanup of the mess. You can see the mansion hanging on for dear life off the side of the cliff in the video above.

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