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Hound killed at municipal animal control despite rescue commitment

Rest in peace Daisy
Rest in peace Daisy
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A middle-aged hound, dubbed "Daisy," was killed at a municipal animal control in Columbia, S.C., last week.

The sad-eyed girl was killed even though a rescue agency had committed to pull her from the facility...the only reason given for the dog's premature death was that she "needed to be killed."

The ambiguous statement outrages those who were hoping that Daisy would have a chance at knowing what it meant to be loved...

Daisy's body revealed the hard life that she led before being picked up as a stray - she was too thin, and she had scars and wounds over much her body from barb wire which had slashed her legs and side.

Despite the skeletal body and painful wounds, Daisy remained calm and affectionate - hoping that she would be provided with a kind touch or word.

Daisy was killed like most of the dogs who are unfortunate enough to land in one of the animal controls in the area - with a kill rate well over 50 percent, the odds of leaving the building in anything other than a garbage bag, are small.

Add in unnecessary killings when a rescue agency has actually been found, and it becomes completely outrageous and appalling.

The individuals who were pulling for Daisy to beat the odds want the officials in the area known as the "Midlands" of South Carolina to know that people do care about dogs like Daisy...

From one of those involved:

If you believe that the way we treat the least of lives is an important reflection on our civilized society, please contact any or all of the following representatives behind the “Shelter” in the Midlands of South Carolina:

Mayor Steve Benjamin,

City of Columbia Members of Council

Tameika Isaac Devine,

Leona K. Plaugh,

Brian DeQuincey Newman,

Cameron Runyan,

Moe Baddourah,

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