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Hot nude, naked eyeshadow colors for travel: Mally In the Buff Eyeshadow Palette

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Sure, there are times when I want to plot out an a-mazing color coordination between a ka-pow outfit and my eye makeup. That's almost never when I travel, though. If you're traveling right, you should be using most of your time exploring places you may never see again . . .not standing around a hotel john's mirror holding up plum eyeshadows to violet fabric.

Still, we want to look good! If you've thumbed though the latest fashion magazines, you'll see that nude shadows are hot-hot-hot! They go with you, so you don't worry about it they go with your outfit. Lots of cosmetic companies are putting their hats in the ring, but I think Mally In the Buff Shadow Palette is exceptional. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

Some of you may remember the '70's when a "upmarket" drugstore brand made a to-do about nude/naked/natural makeup colors. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup then, but I remember hating the colors. They were so flat! I imagined they were the cosmetics morticians worked with. Well, not all natural colors are made the same!

The Mally In the Buff Palette skews on the the warmer side of neutrals. Because there's a wide range of shadows, the palette will work for everyone, though the warmest shades may not work for the coolest complexions. There's a mix of creamy matte shadows -- not chalky at all -- along with shimmery and couture-looking micro-glitters -- perfect for creating smoky eyes. I love that it comes with an eyeshadow base primer and a double-ended, high quality brush. Primer makes color look richer, last longer, appear more with-it. You'll have the right tool at hand while traveling to apply your primer with brush -- better than fingers! -- and shadow, with the opposite end perfect for contour color.

Often when I'm traveling and wearing my little vintage eyeglasses, I just wear shadow and leave off mascara, which often rubs on the lenses. This palette is perfect for all looks, day or evening.