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Hot books from hot authors for a hotter sex life

These next books are for the pros.  Think of them as hot ‘instruction manuals’ with a plot line. R.E Hargrave dives deep into BDSM erotica with To Serve is Divine (The Divine Trilogy).
Courtesy of R.E. Hargrave

Couples who’ve been married for a while notice a loss in the sizzle of their sex lives. It’s inevitable. Things get in the way of all that mindless sex they used to have; things like life, also known as work, kids, pets, the bills, the mortgage, the dry cleaning, and more. It’s no one’s fault unless it’s left to deteriorate further. Someone has to pick up the balls and run with them! One good way to do that is to introduce a little steam into the bedroom through reading good, potent erotica. I have just the books, and authors, for you all.

I know, I know. I can hear you all the way over here. “Who has time to read? I’m tired. I have to get up early” or “It’s my only time to sleep.” I get it. Really, I do, but somewhere in that little bit of time you have, you really need to inject a little ‘couples” time. Snuggle with your honey-bunny and read out loud. Not only is reading relaxing, doing it together counts as quality time spent with the one you love. And when what you’re reading out loud happens to be well-written erotica, it’s foreplay!

Let me introduce you to two lovely authors for those who just want to dip a toe into the erotic pool. Emily A. Lawrence, and Izzibella Beau. If you’re worried about reading all those ‘nasty’ words out loud, don’t be. Lawrence’s Guardian of My Soul (Soul’s Desire, Book I) very specifically avoids that. Now, if you don’t mind the words, but want a little less explicitness in your love scenes, Beau’s book, Broken (Assumption Series Book I) is the next step. Did you know saying sexy things out loud triggers erotic response? When you can’t think of what to say to turn your partner on, read one of these tomes to each other. They also offer great new ideas to try.

Ready to get far more explicit? These next books are for the pros. Think of them as hot ‘instruction manuals’ with a plot line.

R.E Hargrave dives deep into BDSM erotica with To Serve is Divine (The Divine Trilogy). You can check out the first few chapters on

Never afraid to call a rooster a c***k, Bestselling Erotic Author Sable Hunter offers a number one bestselling sizzler titled Cowboy Heat. Westerns have never been so hot! There are 16 in the series, so if you get hooked, and want to make the next year and four months a sexy tribute to both Hunter and your sex life, this is the series of books for you. Hunter shares “I get thank you notes from husbands and wives.” Yes, guys! If you let your lady read her smut to you, you’re bound to get lucky! You might even find yourself bound – as in tied up for some kinky adventures. You can thank me later. (Beau Coup Publishing)

Another book so hot, the author goes by a single name, is Unchained Hearts by Palessa. Think about it. Only the best of the best use one name: Prince, Cher, Madonna, and now, Palessa. As if one book wasn’t enough to burn a hole in your bedsheets, Palessa also offers up Portrait of Gray, a continuation in the Baxter family cast of characters. So once you’ve romped your way through Unchained Hearts, you can plan your next naughty night games with Portrait of Gray.

Next is a bona fide proven baby-maker, so couples who want to conceive, pay attention! Author Katherine Rhodes tells me that her book, Consensual, quite literally led one couple she knows to parenthood. The teaser - The door read: Tessa Saint. The truth was: she was nothing of the sort.
Even the name was a lie.
Intrigued? Forget costly fertility treatments until you’ve at least tried this one out.

Author Ginger Ring says “For me, I think erotica is one of the hardest genres to write. You have to make the love scenes titillating, original, and yet not come off like the reader is reading an instruction manual. You have to use all of the senses - sight, scent, sound, touch, and tongue.” I think all men would agree with that last bit! Her book, Getting Down to Business, was a finalist for a 2014 RONE Award – an achievement that spotlights the very best and rewards excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry. Her covers are art, very much like vintage porn.

A good short that would serve its purpose comes from Xaviera Snow: The Erotic Diary of Xaviera Snow - The Power of Three. It's a first in a series of diary-style short stories that tells the tale of a globetrotting nanny who gets into some very steamy situations. It begins with a waiter named Carlos, and ends on a cliffhanger with a German diplomat with control issues. Worth the price, and hits the spot!

The last book I’ll recommend is certainly not the least. It’s actually not quite yet published as of yet, but you can pre-order Éveiller Drive by Melanie James (author of the Literal Leigh Series). The stories are about six women (wives and mothers) who’ve lived and grown around each other, but must now figure out how to save or reignite their neglected marriages, much like the couples I’m recommending to read these books. The series will begin with Ava and Will. Description: “Ava is shy and unsure. She loves Will more than anything, but lately he’s not been the same man that she fell in love with and married. Their marriage is strained, very near the breaking point. Fearing the end is near, she comes up with a plan to make her husband notice her. Can they fix what they once had? Is their love for one another worth the fight?” Melanie James could not have timed this new series any better.

So for the guys, I say encourage your lady-love to read these books out loud in bed when you both finally have the chance to get away from distractions like email, work, and the kids. It’s like watching a chick-flick with your date. It will earn you all kinds of brownie points, and you’ll be surprised at how much it turns you on to hear your gal say certain words and phrases she may normally not utter. Ladies, this is your chance to show your man just why you love these kinds of books to begin with. It’s also a great way to share, snuggle, touch, and be touched. Why? Because after you read through your first explicitly hot scene, you’ll both be on fire. Give it a try.

And be on the lookout for the launch of my first erotic suspense novel which will be published out by Beau Coup Publishing. It’s international intrigue meets erotic suspense, and you won’t be able to put it down. Tentative title subject to tweaking is Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown. I can tell you that writing erotica is every bit as hot as reading it. Why do you think I’d recommend it, after all? Now go forth and download one of these fantasy creators.

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