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'Homestuck' author on board 'Namco High' dating sim

Promotional image for Namco High.
Promotional image for Namco High.
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In a collaboration with What Pumpkin Studios and ShiftyLook, Namco Bandai Games are proud to present "Namco High," a browser-based dating sim.

Promising to "utilize cutting edge HTML 5-based technology," "Namco High" will reimagine beloved Namco Bandai characters in a romantic high school setting. While it's easier to imagine Pac-Man in school thanks to his recent cartoon, picturing characters from "Soul Calibur," "Tekken," or "Dark Souls" possibly attending is hard to swallow. However, if there's someone who can make the premise of "Namco High" work it's "Homestuck" creator Andrew Hussie, who will supervise the game. Rob Pereyda, ShiftyLook's Producer and Editor-in-Chief, certainly has a lot of faith in Hussie going by his quote in the press release.

There is no creator with more of a vibrant originality right now than Andrew Hussie. We are beyond excited to see where he takes these characters and the unique relationships that will literally unfold between them.

There's been no confirmation so far on who will appear in "Namco High", but one would assume the Namco Bandai series with a ShiftyLook webcomic will be involved. So, brush up on your romantic skills if you want to win the heart of the "Galaga" ship when "Namco High" arrives pre-Holiday 2013.