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Hit-makers Joey and Rory welcome a new baby, ready to release new CD

Country hit-makers Joey+Rory welcomed daughter Indiana Boon, who was born on Feb. 17, 2014, at her parents' farmhouse. She was born at home at 12:03 p.m. with the assistance of a midwife.
Country hit-makers Joey+Rory welcomed daughter Indiana Boon, who was born on Feb. 17, 2014, at her parents' farmhouse. She was born at home at 12:03 p.m. with the assistance of a midwife.
Joey+Rory/Used with permission

Traditional-country duo Joey Martin and Rory Feek, best known to music fans as Joey+Rory, have officially shared the news of their newest family addition, daughter Indiana Boon, who was born at 12:03 p.m. Feb. 17 at her parents' Tennessee farmhouse.

Joey Martin spends time with new daughter, Indiana "Indy" Boon.
Joey+Rory/Used with permission

According to an April 22 email, baby "Indy" entered the world "with the assistance of a midwife and the birth experience was perfect," reported proud poppa Feek. "She was delivered breech, naturally, with no medical assistance and with myself and our two older daughters Heidi and Hopie by Joey’s side.

"Joey says that giving birth at home was the single greatest thing she’s ever experienced in her life," he added. "(And) a moment later, with Indiana’s first cry, we all cried tears of joy and hugged and celebrated and cried some more."

In the days following her birth, Feek said, "there was some concern about Indy and through genetic chromosome testing done at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, (and) it has been confirmed that Indiana has Down syndrome," a chromosomal disorder first reported in 1866 by Dr. J. Langdon Down.

"Although that news came at first as a surprise to us, Joey and I wouldn’t have changed a thing," Feek shared. "During the pregnancy, we never did an ultrasound, or saw a doctor, nor would it have made any difference if we had. We trusted that God would give us the baby He wanted us to have ... and He has. Out of all the parents in the world, He has chosen us to care for and raise this special gift."

Now, some two months after her birth, the couple's "baby is healthy and doing wonderful," confirmed the hit-songwriting dad, "and Joey and I are loving each and every minute that we have with her. We can’t wait to see where this new chapter in our lives leads us and what wonderful story unfolds in the coming years."

As for "Indy's" name, "My first reason for the choosing the name is because of two of my favorite movies," Feek revealed. "No, neither one of them are about Indiana Jones. They’re 'Hoosiers' and 'Rudy.' I don’t just like those movies, I’m crazy about them. I think both films embody small-town values that are nearly lost and also the power of ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. They moved me and inspired me when I first saw them, and they do the same each time I watch them now.

"Both films are set in Indiana," he continued. "(But) besides that, if you look up 'Indiana,' it means 'land of Indians.' and Joey has lots of American-Indian blood in her heritage, as do I, though the Irish in me is what’s visible most in the mirror. But honestly, the main reason we chose that name is because Joey is from Indiana--Alexandria, Ind. She was born and raised in the same farmhouse where her mama still lives."

Regarding the award-winning duo's forthcoming CD, the 12-song "Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage," the album contains Joey+Rory's take on classics such as “I’m Not Lisa,” “Rocky Top” and “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” among others.

"We were raised on great traditional country songs and still love to sing them," Feek said of the new album, which is slated for an exclusive May release via Cracker Barrel and Joey+Rory's webstore. This fall, the disc will be be available at Walmart stores and other retailers around the country.

  • Multi-media bonus: To see a photos of new baby "Indy" and her family, please access the slideshow included with this post.
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