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Hindsight becomes U.S. foreign policy Iraq

Having the CIA arm the Kurds is a tactical and essential action that is to enable the Kurds to defend their territory and to regain some strategic lost assets that include a hydroelectric dam and an oil field. What would be next?

U.S. CIA arms the Kurds
Photo by Ensar Ozdemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
  • Option A: Solicit Kurd’s patience in participating in the newly forming Iraq federal government.
  • Option B: Support the Kurds in establishing a separate state that they have longed for.
  • Option C: Encourage the Kurds to expand their vision for more political control beyond their historic perspective.

Beginning with Option C, take that one off the table as it isn’t desirable or viable.

Option B is something to dangle as a possibility, but only of Option A fails. The reason why Option A is the first course is because the Middle East and the Iraq instance eventually needs to become more pluralistic and accommodating to get along in the free world.

People and their nation states that fail to integrate, and fail to adopt tolerance and a value for individual freedom and equality for all will ultimately become isolated economically.

While fossil fuel assets keep current Middle East economies alive, the inevitable loss of those assets from depletion and from the world developing renewable alternatives will leave vast numbers of people living in places that are unsustainable in current numbers.

The Kurdish instance of American foreign policy is another classic Obama stutter step that he calls “fits and starts”. He has become the “fits and starts” president and will likely be known for that.

On the front side of fits and starts today is Secretary of State John Kerry having to deal with Iraqis inability to stand up a government because President Maliki won’t stand down. Maliki will be known as the malfeasant President of Iraq.

Republicans would like to label President Obama as malfeasant, but they can’t make that stick for their ineptitude themselves.

“US sending arms to Iraq's Kurds in battle against militants, official says”

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