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Hillary calls Gun Owners a "Minority" of Americans & says they are Terrorists

Mrs. Clinton continues to Demagogue the 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding gun owners
Mrs. Clinton continues to Demagogue the 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding gun owners

In a continued "Outta Touch Tirade" at a recent event Hillary Clinton in her effort to demagogue the gun violence issue equated gun owners to a minority of Americans and then went a step further to say we are "terrorists" terrorizing the Majority of Americans. In addition she still can't get her facts straight after over 20 years of public service and figure out the difference between a "Fully" automatic gun and a "Semi" automatic gun.

When you look at gun ownership across America there are estimated to be 97 per 100 residents. 270 million guns owned by approximately 104 million gun owners in the United States out of a population of 318 Million people. Just looking at Handgun statistics alone there are 114 Million handgun owners in the US. The overall percentage of households who own a firearm according to the latest data from 2012 is 34.4%.

Good site with Gun Facts: American Gun Facts.

So basically just looking at the above numbers & statistics clearly Mrs. Clinton is WRONG. Gun owners do not represent a minority. The numbers just don't support her demagoguery! If you wanted to make a vague comparison to the her statement and really look at how a small minority is terrorizing the majority in this country take a close look at Obamacare. Here you have a HUGE, gov't run and bureaucratic healthcare law that was passed to help insure the 30 million un-insured and by the governments own calculations they have barely signed up 8 million. Yes, just 8 million people of the 30 million people who the law was designed to insure. s for a Minority Terrorizing the Majority here's a Classic example. Here many Americans lost their insurance and their doctor so a VERY SMALL minority could get a Government subsidy at the expense of the majority of American.

Its time for Mrs. Clinton to face the fact that she is out of touch! Additionally while she was on her little tirade about guns and gun owners she referred to "fully automatic weapons" which again any informed gun owner would know is pure hyperbole, demagoguery and frankly irresponsible for a public figure! Below is the quote from article Hillary Clinton: Gun Owners ‘terrorizing’ Americans

We’re going to have to do a better job protecting the vast majority of our citizens, including our children, from that very, very, very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before.”

In addition, its interesting that in her "Outta Touch Tirade" there is not one mention of mentally ill people or anything that should be done to help them despite the fact that almost every recent mass shooting was perpetrated by a mentally ill person. The reference to our children is hollow considering the fact that more innocent children are murdered each and every year at the hands of Planned Parenthood and Abortion than there ever will be by guns!

Clinton said she feels for parents sending their kids to school, noting that there have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook.

Mrs. Clinton states that no parent should have to worry about their child at school but yet the liberals have legislated "Gun Free Zones" which are legislated "Killing Zones" because no criminal or insane person is going to say , "Oh this is a Gun Free Zone, so I better not bring or use a gun!". The mere mentality that these laws will prevent gun violence is a travesty!

We use guns to guard our President, sports figures, celebrities, bank & casinos but Guns are not good to protect arguably our Country's most precious resource; "Our Children"?? Insanity! There are a lot of citizens who would volunteer to protect our children at school with legally owned firearms and this would provide a tremendous deterrent against anyone meaning our children harm!

So if you are a gun owner and don't like being lumped with Terrorists who really do mean this country harm and are personally insulted then lets make sure that people like Hillary Clinton are held accountable for their words, demagoguery and misinformation! The foremost thing to do is stay informed and be vocal. Utilize every form of social media out there to help inform the uninformed about these important issues. If it's going to be left to the Lame Stream Media then the truth will be BURIED!

WELCOME to All Supporters of the 2nd Amendment, Shooting and Firearms Enthusiasts!

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