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Hillary blasts Israel as an 'occupier' who denies Palestinians dignity

During her numerous television appearances and book signings on Tuesday -- as part of the release of her book Hard Choices -- former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton accused the Israelis of being a rigid occupation force in the territories claimed as their own by the Palestinians in her new memoir, according to a number of Jewish and conservative groups that support Israel.

Hillary's outburst during her testimony before lawmakers may become the campaign slogan of her opponents.
Courtesy of Special Operations Speaks

The book release is considered by many to her first trial-run for her eventual 2016 presidential campaign. Despite a poor reception by book critics, the book is expected to do well with the help of her sycophants in news business, claims a political strategist and attorney.

One of her claims in the book is that the Jews in Israel have denied the Palestinian people their dignity and a nation to call their home especially in the West Bank, which is dominated by the Palestinian National Authority. She, however, ignored conditions in Gaza, which is run by Islamists belonging to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist groups.

Clinton claims that she was surprised at witnessing by what she calls in her book “life under the Israeli occupation" She fell short, however, of accusing the Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of practicing "apartheid," as was uttered by Hillary Clinton's successor as Secretary of State, John Kerry.

"I don't know why anyone would be surprised that Hillary Clinton feels a certain amount of animosity towards Israel and sympathy for the Palestinians," said Mike Baker. "Her background as a university campus activist includes joining with other left-wing students in supporting the father of Islamic terrorism, Yassar Arafat, and his Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) even after the attacked and killed the Israeli Olympic Team in Munich Germany.

Former President Bill Clinton's pollster, Dick Morris claims that Mrs. Clinton in the 1980's was on the advisory board of a pro-Palestinian group, the New World Foundation, that gave money to the PLO, a group designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

According to several news outlets, pro-Israel Americans -- most of whom are Republicans -- and have stated that Clinton’s anti-Israeli statements in her book and in the past shows that she shares a bias against Israel with John Kerry and President Barack Obama.

According to sources who worked in the Clinton White House in a 1999 meeting the First Lady reportedly smiled terrorist leader Yasser Arafat's wife spewed anti-Israel propaganda as is she were discussing the Rose Garden's beautiful flower arrangements.

Also, in her book, Clinton attacks Benjamin Netanyahu and his government for not giving the Paletinians land that she claimed the Jews took from them in 1967. Her statement practically mirrors President Obama's when he told the Israeli's to return to the pre-1967 borders with the Palestinian people.

Former police detective and military intelligence officer Louis Weintraub, a Jewish American who belongs to a group of cops known as the Shomrim Society, claims that Hillary Clinton's past and present actions and comments are deeply disturbing.

"I hope my fellow American Jews will put aside their liberalism and see that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a dangerous choice for president for both the United States and Israel,' said the police and military veteran. "I hope American Jews will ask themselves: in her decades in public life name just one accomplishment she can claim as her own?"

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