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Hiking Braemar, Scotland

We bid Edinburgh goodbye and made our way north into the Scottish Highlands. The flat lands of Firth of Forth slid slowly away and were replaced by gentle rolling tree-lined hills of the hinterland. Our 11 o’clock coffee break was taken at the surprisingly large town of Blairgowrie, which was halfway on our journey to the Braemar Lodge in Cairngorms National Park. Our first task after arriving was to walk the scenic local path that follows the river Dee around Braemar village. It was our first real up close view of the Scottish countryside, and it was stupendous.

Braemar, Scotland
David Millett

The Linn of Dee

Day two in the magnificent Cairngorms National Park and we headed to The Linn of Dee to hike a beautiful Scottish Highland valley. We followed the softly winding and gently flowing River Dee to the base of one of the many rolling peaks surrounding. Then we climbed up to its summit to take in the grandeur of this inspirational countryside; flabbergasting. Once more in my life I was privileged to eat a cheese sandwich in an awe inspiring place. And this time the cheese was Wensleydales and I shared it with good friends.

Loch Muick

Day three in the magnificent Cairngorms National Park. Oh my Darwin! How magnificent the Scottish highlands are. We walked 12 miles around Loch Muick (Mic) today, and no more glorious a mile has been hiked by anyone before; unless you’ve hiked around the lock yourself. We ate our cheese sandwiches on the doorstep of Queen Victoria’s Scottish getaway, which gave us excellent views of Lock Muick and a good conversation with a local Scottish man who we could barely understand, but whose accent hypnotized us. After our cheese interlude we climbed up a 1,000 feet to the top of an overwhelmingly beautiful waterfall. From this high perch we could see far and wide into the crystal clear sky to a vista of Scotland I am privileged to have experienced. Breathtaking.

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